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Singing Contest 10Gz /2008 SBF - Ft. Hall, ID

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  • Singing Contest 10Gz /2008 SBF - Ft. Hall, ID

    Singing Contest: Northern/Southern (Combined)
    1st $10,000/2nd $8,000/3rd $6,000/4th $4000/5th $2,000/ & 5 Consolation Places of $1,000

    Womens Back-up (Northern/Southern combined)
    1st $1,000/2nd $700/3rd $500/4th $300/ & 4 Consolation Places


    Fort Hall, Idaho
    August 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2008

    Masters of Ceremonies:
    Reuben Littlehead, Northern Cheyenne Lawrence, Kansas
    Vince Beyl, Ojibwa Bemidji, Minnesota

    Northern Host Drum:
    Wildhorse Singers, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Southern Host Drum: Young Bird Singers, Pawnee, OK

    Arena Directors:
    Noah Fred, Shoshone-Bannock, Fort Hall, Idaho
    George Strong, Ojibwa Bois Forte, Minnesota

    Head Drum Judges:
    Lennis "Tough Guy Denny, Shoshone-Bannock Fort Hall, Idaho
    Lee Whiteplume, Nez Perce Lapwai, Idaho

    Head Women Back-up Judge:
    Drusilla Gould, Shoshone-Bannock Fort Hall, Idaho

    Head Dance Judges:
    Ted Williams, Yakima, White Swan, Washington

    Sound System:
    Bear Sound System, Jerry Bear, Skull Valley, Utah

    Adult Dance Categories (18 - 49 yrs): 1st $1000/2nd $700/3rd $500/4th $300/2 consolation
    Mens - N. Trad., N. Fancy, Grass, Warbonnet Buckskin, Prairie Chicken, Southern Straight and S. Fancy
    Womens - N. Trad. (buckskin & cloth combined), Fancy, Jingle, S. Women Trad. (buckskin & cloth combined)

    Senior (50 yrs. & up): 1st $1000/2nd $700/3rd $500/4th $300/2 consolation
    Sr. Mens (combined)
    Sr. Womens (combined)

    Northern and Southern Teen (13 - 17 yrs.): 1st $350/2nd $250/3rd $150/4th $100/2 consolation
    Boys - Fancy(combined N & S), Grass, N. Trad. & S. Straight
    Girls - Fancy, Jingle, N. Trad. & S. Trad. (buckskin & cloth combined for N & S)

    Northern & Southern Jrs. (6 - 12 yrs.): 1st 150/2nd 100/3rd 75/4th 50/2 consolation
    Boys - Fancy (combined N & S), Grass, N. Trad. & S. Straight
    Girls - Fancy, Jingle, N. Trad. & S. Trad. (buckskin & cloth combined for N & S)

    Committee Specials:
    Team Dance - 4 places (Juniors, Teens & Adults)
    Grand Entry (Juniors, Teens & Adults)
    Jr. Boys & Teens Round Bustle/Prairie Chicken (1st $150/$100$75/4th $50)
    Mens Round Bustle - 18 & up (1st $1,000/$700/$500/$300)
    Womens Open Shell/Elk Tooth Dress - 18 & up (1st $1000/$700/$500/$300)
    Womens Old Style Fancy Dance - 18 & up (1st $1000/$700/$500/$300)

    GRAND ENTRY TIMES: Friday: 7 p.m. Saturday & Sunday: 1 & 7 p.m.

    DANCER & DRUM REGISTRATION: Opens Friday from 3 - 10 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Registration officially closes at 1 p.m. sharp on Saturday, August 9.

    Festival Coordinators: Delbert Farmer (208) 239- 4573 and Tino Batt (208) 478-3973

    Pow-Wow Coordinators:
    Roanna Stump - (208) 604-1792 (cell) or 478-3968/email: [email protected]
    Drusilla Gould - (208) 406-8014 /email: [email protected]
    Jo Ella Tindore - (208) 251-0593 /email: [email protected]

    Spectators can bring lawn chairs, due to limited seating. Designated area's will be marked for chairs.

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    Oh ****cha!

    I wish I could go to Ft. Hall, Jam OUT! Sound's Rockin? Anyone know who's showing up drum wise?


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