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    Hey yall...
    Well I wanted some advice...
    My son is 20 months old and he loves to sing Indian songs, all kinds, not just powwow... But I really want him to learn to sing at a drum, however, I don't have anyone to teach him. None of his immediate family members are singers, and I am a woman, so how can I help my son learn when there is no one to teach him? And he is not the kind of kid that will sit at a drum without his Mom or Dad. Should I just wait til he gets older and hope that he will learn somehow?

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    thats good you wnat him to sing at the drum. What i would do is find a a singer of anydrum group northern/southern and ask one of them if they can put their time in to teach him.
    but thats good you want him in the drum circle


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      Play Music @ Home....

      Let him hear it.....(figuring you do this...) Bring him to Powwows and eventually he'll gravitate towards a drum.....(gonna take sometime...). Depending on where your located? Some communities have cultural programs. Tap into that. Get him a drum.....Even if its makeshift.....Let em have at it! Pots pans and on and on.... Good Luck!
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        yeah he likes to sing and drum at home on his little drum, but once we get around people he gets real shy. I'm living in colorado at the time, and there aren't as many dances around here, but i am moving back to oklahoma soon, and I'm hoping that he can learn more there...


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