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Dressing to come to the drum

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  • Singerdad
    You should "dress" to the come to the drum. Dress nicely. Wear the best you have with you

    This past weekend we sang at a dance and I wore slacks, a nice button up white shirt my wife gave me for xmas, a vest, a new Stetson my buddy gave me, and boots. I looked pretty decent until we went out to eat, and my little girl decided the white shirt would look prettier with red jello on it :rofl2:

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  • WhoMe
    started a topic Dressing to come to the drum

    Dressing to come to the drum

    Is there an appropriate way to dress, when you come to the drum?

    I have noticed a trend among younger singers. It is a "gangsta' type" of clothing trend. This includes T-shirts, shorts, sandles, heavy metal jewelry, crooked ball caps.


    Times are certainly changing.

    In my part of the country and especially in my tribe, we take a little pride in coming to the drum. We are encouraged to wear long sleeved shirts (even in the hottest of days) and nice pants, shoes etc.

    How do singers dress where you're from?

    How do you think singers should dress when they are sitting around the drum?

    Any other comments on dress ettiquette?

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