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  • Drumers: Is There Ever A Time When

    Is there ever a time when a lady comes and sings with you and you don't want her there? just wondering. Sorry if this offends anyone or whatever.
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    ok this is kinda a wide open question...You mean come to the drum and actually sit at the drum pick up a drumstick and start jammin? if thats the scenario, HELL NO. BUT BUT BUT...if she comes to the drum while were singing a song for DRUM CONTEST then HELL NO. or maybe were at a basic powwow in oklahoma where a woman comes out to the drum at a basic powwow...key word basic. then all means I think she can stand behind the drum and sing a song or two. As long as she dont stand behind

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      it is kinda wide open - do you mean come up durin a song and start singin behind the singers? is she singin badly or not(this is also up in the air - to some a certain woman might sound good but to others might sound like a cat stuck in a toilet)? then again i'm not a singer just live with one so i just wouldn't know.....
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        Not at all. When the ladies come and sing behind u it jus makes u want to jam. The woman add soul to a group and regardless who it is i dont think it matters or not.


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          Originally posted by snaggable_4u
          Is there ever a time when a lady comes and sings with you and you don't want her there? just wondering. Sorry if this offends anyone or whatever.
          Why did you write just native,can you tell my which people ,tribe?May I see how you look like?Could you send me some picture?


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