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  • Edisto River Singers

    I was just wondering if everyone has heard of Edisto River Singers and what they thought of this group? (ex. them as people, their singing, them as a group, and what you think of their knowledge of singing.)
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    NDN Gal,

    Here's what I have to say about the Edisto River Singers. The group as a whole is made up of several young men who are interested in learning to sing properly. And for the most part they are open to constructive criticism about their singing. However, they have to remember that although they sound all right they're no Yellow Hammer or Southern Thunder.

    As for their singing they are still a relatively young group and need some polishing. As for their knowledge about the songs, I feel they are like most singer in the southeast singing old Ponca and Kiowa songs not knowing what they mean, when they were composed, etc.

    Overall they are a great bunch of guys they just need to work on the pronunciation of Ponca and Kiowa words, and singing on the off beat. However, I haven't seen them lately at some of the dances I've been to.

    Any ways hope this helps.

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      Truthfully I do believe they know what the meaning of the Ponca and Kiowa songs mean. They were taught by people from OK that made the Ponca songs that they sing. They have been together for 10 years and they have been to OK and MI and all over the east coast, so I truthfully think they know what they should know for a drum group. Also they have placed within the top of a few competitions and won, so they are good enough for those pow wows (ex. Greensboro-GNAA, Lumbee, Haliwa, Coharie) As to them as people they are good you just got to know them. The reason the are sometimes off beat is they have guys that are just starting and the pow wows are the way for them to learn, right? They are good enough that people ask them to come to bigger pow wows up north and out west.I don't mean to offend you but this is fact.
      What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!!


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        NDN Gal,

        No offense is taken. I just gave an honest opinion about the group – which is what you asked.

        Personally, to tell you the truth after singing ten years together they should be further along then were they are. They have good volume but they singing quality needs to be tweaked a little. Also, as for the length of time they have been singing together it's really not long, especially since most of your good southern singers (Southern Thunder, etc.) today have been singing for much longer.

        The comment about most young southeastern singers today not knowing the songs is directed to the older Ponca and Kiowa songs, especially Ponca. I don't think they learned them from the composer of those songs since most of the songs I'm referring were composed about 100 plus years ago.

        As for winning at a local competitions - so what. If you want to really impress me tell me they won 1st place at some of the big drum contest powwows, such as Denver March or Schemitzun.

        I'm sure others on this board would/will give them a much harsher review. If you want I could give you a much more in depth review, but that would be rather long. PM if you're interested in hearing more.

        Any ways that's just my humble opinion.


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          Yes I would like to hear of more of what you want to say. I am stating my point from being the head singers girlfriend, and want to know everything that everyone thinks about them so they know what they need to work on. Constructive critisim doesn't hurt if anything it, and what info people have to offer will help them work on the flaws that people think they have.

          Tabitha....& yours? :p
          What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!!


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            Wassup, Tab? :D
            Everything is gonna be alright!

            Be blessed - got love???

            This b me.....



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              i just wanted to make a correction on something, Denver March doesn't have drum contest, just day money, so the edisto drum wouldn't place there. I think that Denver March is a good powwow because it's not about the money when some one places at this powwow (because the money isn't that much), but about the prestige it holds. Also, as stated, it doesn't have drum contest, and yet there were over 60 drums there just to be singing and to have good time. sorry about getting off the subject.. just wanted to clarify that about denver march!


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                Good day all. The Edisto River Singers are generally a good group of guys. They have a fair sound and have potential. I agree with most of what SingerMD has pointed out. I think the biggest holdback they have is staying in their element too much.
                I guessthe only negative thing I can say about them is some of the guys seem somewhat unfriendly. Andy is a great guy and I enjoy speaking with him. Athough I haven't seen him in a couple of years, I would like to catch up with him and maybe even sing with his guys. Doubt that will happen though. I'll never go to the Edisto dance again, and I never see them anywhere else.

                The expressed opinions above are not particularly the opinions of the author's friends, family, or employer.


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                  Just curious...why will you never go to the Edisto Dance again? As for the drum group, I heard them at Hollister Pow Wow, and everything that Sinder MD said is pretty right on.


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                    Never heard of them. They must not get out much.
                    All their fans should chip in & send them on a trip.
                    A good way to check out how well they are doing is to sing somewhere that they've never been before. If all the NDNs are jammin to their tunes, well, they must be not too bad.
                    Hobbyists will love any drumgroup.


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                      Hey K !
                      You seen this mess?
                      As to on the road....How do you know Andy?
                      If you know him then we have met.E-mail me and we will talk more as to how you and Andy can get in touch.
                      I was hoping that people wouldn't dog the ERS because they are all a good bunch of guys with their heart in the right place.Everyone is taught different and everyone has to remember that no one is perfect. Not even ones that have won top competitions.
                      What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!!


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                        NDN Gal:
                        I think what you were expecting is people praising your b/f's drum. You asked honest so no need to get defensive. I don't see anyone dogging them and no one has claimed to be perfect and so far I've read good constructive criticism. The "Top Competitions" you speak of are local, (North Carolina) are they not? Maybe they do need to get out a bit, you should too, and travel to other pow wows- because one never stops learning, specially to be humble. Its good that you are proud of them but you cannot expect everyone to see them the way you do. I do not know this particular group of singers personally, and I'm sure they are good people.
                        Just my thoughts...


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                          I agree with WonderWoman... I am not really sure what the "mess" that NDN Gal is referring to. No one is dissing your man's group. My brother is in a group that is just starting out and gets much of the same constructive criticism...I guess I don't understand why you are getting so one said they were bad guys, but rather just pointed out some things that need a little work.


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                            Saponi girl-
                            This mess was not for you it was directed to Smokin' Ace...a friend.And as to you saying that you agree with singer MD, at the powwow in haliwa saponi they ers wasn't that bad that they placed 2nd.(P.S:it's singer md, not sinder md)
                            Singer MD-
                            You have alot of down puts for this drum when you are a dancer as you stated in your first comment not a SINGER.
                            Wonder Woman-
                            As to you...The top competitions are not in N.C...I'm talking about all pow wows.That no one is perfect.I don't expect people to praise ERS but at the same time I don't expect everyone to SLAM them.

                            [ June 25, 2001: Message edited by: NDN Gal ]
                            What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!!!!


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                              NDN Gal,

                              I think your last post needs some correction as well, since I am not only dancer but also a singer. In fact I sing at about 90% of the dances I go to.

                              While I’m neither perfect nor all knowing, I can determine for myself the quality of southern and northern singing. If you take what I have said as a put down, get over it – it was critical review, which is exactly what you asked for. As for the group of singers I normally sing with they would take what I have said and weight its merits. The group would not get offended if I brought something to their attention, nor do we get upset when others outside the group do the same. And yes that even includes dancers who have never sung before. Hey if the dancers can’t dance to your singing what’s the point of singing?

                              PLEASE NOTE: everyone who has posted something for the most part has stated that they think the ERS are a great group of guys, and then go on to give a critic. As for your opinion that everyone is slamming ERS I think you are taking the constructive criticism as insults, instead of how the reviewers intended his/her comments to be taken.

                              PS – JingleJammer thanks for the 411.


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