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  • Web Sites To Find Music?

    Just wondering if anybody knew any good sites to pull pow wow music off of? I have tried kazaa but not much comes up. plese let me know if you do!!!!!!!!!

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    TradDancer why not just buy the music? its only like 10-15 dollars. I mean if you like the group that much wouldn't you pay to hear them sing? They pretty much have any big group you could want. Although what I don't understand is I can find a cd at all the non-comp powwows but when I went to AIC I couldn't find that cd anywhere.
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      Finding music downloads

      Canyon Records website has a few downloads of music, but they are just short little wavs. Only about 30 seconds long, just enough to give you an idea if you might like the song or not!

      I too have looked on Kazaa... not much there! As far as buying the cd's, when you are looking for only one or two songs off a cd, that gets really expensive!!

      We need to start a native kazaa!! Ha ha!!:Chatter

      Good luck on your search.. nother thought, borrow tapes and cd's from your friends, make copies of the songs you want! Just a thought!
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        I have found a few songs on winmx also but not that much.I agree we need a pow wow songs download area somewere.I also Agree with the person who said that its alot of money when you are looking for one or two songs from a cd.We do need a download area somewere.How about it webmaster what you think on that one?:D
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          pow wow music

          I was given a demo tape yesterday at a pow wow of a drum group that I had been trying to find music on...

          where do you get those demos? Guess I should have asked him!!

          Hind sight right?!!
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          DJ McClure


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            I have audio galaxy......its alright but u have to download a satellite....can give it a try!!


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              Song/Music Source

              It is kind of hard to "just go out and buy" the Pow-Wow CD's of the groups you want. Usually the only time I see the CD's or tapes are at the Pow-Wows, where I am usually singing and can't shop. About the only source outside of that is to go directly to the record distributors. Here are some of the main ones:

              Featured CDs Featured CDs Digital Downloads of all CDs available through Digital Downloads of all CDs available through Special Digital Download

              At last check some of these didn't have a secure ordering site, so over the phone may be prefered. At least when dealing with them directly, you have a return policy to work with if UPS ruins it, etc. I have had good dealings with them, and they can supply you with catalogs to.

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                hey thanks alot!

                Really appreciate the links to the other sites for the pow wow music! That is a huge help!

                You totally rock!
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                  Demos are usually sent to trading posts, stores and radio stations for promotion purposes. Many times I have seen TPs at powwows selling their demos. It actually is illegal.

                  Does anyone know what it cost the drum to get the CDs made? I know big rock groups and such the CDs only cost $1-2 dollars to produce but by the time everyone gets their cut they are at $20 a pop. Im sure since the demand for powwow music is slightly lower than pop music that the NDN record companies charge a heck of a lot more.
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                    wow! what a name!!

                    I just HAD to reply to this... billyjoejimbob??? So are you a cousin of mine?? See, I am here in Kentucky and that has GOT to be a Kentucky name!! ha ha!! just razzin ya!!
                    WOW!! what a name!!!:Chatter
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                      Try It's a P2P fileshare site, but has some pretty good songs available there.

                      Happy Turkey Day!



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                        I HAVE tried Kazaa... I didnt find all that much to pop up.. at least in the way of pow wow music, and thats what I need!

                        But thanks for the suggestion! Was able to get some good Robbie Robertson stuff though.. but cant use that for pow wows!

                        Will keep on searchin... the quest continues!! :p
                        Stay positive, stay humble, stay sober!
                        DJ McClure


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                          Ok I have pulled some good tunes from kazza.The way I did it was useing the groups name.Its easy and there is alot of tunes out there......
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                            you guys don't really understand the problem here. you have a group that works hard saving money to get studio time and all to get a cd produced so they can fund their traveling to different powwows. then if they get hooked up with a company then the group gets the one dollar and the company gets the other $11.

                            or the group puts their own cd together and sells it at powwows they go to sometimes to make expenses to get home. you get songs off the net this cuts into sales and it hurts our guys. if you only want a couple of songs at least buy the cd people then sell it on e bay, least the group made money at the first.


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