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U.C.O Powwow?

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  • U.C.O Powwow?

    WHo was this drum, black bear creek? they sounded pretty good for some young guys. good job guys. does anyone know where they are from?

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    i've heard these guys before. like you have said they sound good for some young guys. i dont know where they are from, but you there is this guy that posts on this board that sings with them. his name is godfather or something like that.


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      Uco Powwow

      Hey Everyone Who Went To Edmond Who All Won, Who Won The Owl Dance, And Marks Grass Dance Special Plus The Contest???????

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        Were from Pawnee ok...we have folks that sing all the way from southern thunder to YoungBird. Im glad you all ppl like the way we sound...thanks guyz!! If u have any gigs for us dont be afraid to call the HS....Rylon Gwin.


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          BlackBear Creek is a creek that runs through Pawnee, thus this drum group is from Pawnee. LOL They did a very good job and I am glad they won, they are all my nephews and their singing roots go deep, so their spot on that drum is well deserved and appreciated.
          The pow wow was a good turnout and I will try to remember the winners:
          Mens fancy:
          1st Randy Moore
          2nd George Alexander
          3rd L.B. Primeaux

          Traditional: 1st BJ Howry, dont' remember the rest.

          Grass: 1st Julius N.A., 2nd ??? 3rd Beushee Wildcat
          Straight: 1st Juaquin H. 2nd Terry Tsotigh 3rd AJ Leadingfox
          Grass special: 1st Marty Thurman, 2nd Julius NA 3rd ???
          Cloth: 1st Renee Alexander 2nd Joy Flores 3rdNellyYarholar
          Buckskin:1st J. Tstontekoy 2nd Buffy Simmons 3rd??
          Jingle: 1st:Danya Keahna 2nd Yvette E. 3rd R. Simmons
          Fancy 1st: ???? 2nd Amanda Werywackwe
          Golden age women: 1st Dorsey Sadongei 2nd L. Tsontokoy 3rd pricilla shrock
          G. A. Men: 1st daryl moore 2nd ??? 3rd Earl PLumley

          Don't remember jrs.
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