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gettin the z at g.o.n.

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  • hewhowowsthecrowd
    started a topic gettin the z at g.o.n.

    gettin the z at g.o.n.

    First of all, let me start by congradulatin' SBZ, YB, the 'Zads, and everyone else who placed at g.o.n...............but do you really think Thunderhill deserved the z?? I dunno cause I wasnt there, could anybody shed some light on the subject for me?? did they mess up?? miss roll call?? not crewed up?? who was the head singin' judge??

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    Hey powwow committee!

    Why don't you just invite the certain dancers, drums, and head staff that you want to pay?

    If you look in your program booklet you see the same dancers names every year since 95. It's gets a little lame. Sure they are great dancers but there are other...
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  • lookin4stuff
    YB at G.O.N.
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    Do you think Youngbird was the best sounding southern drum at G.O.N. this year? Was this political because of family involvement? Did they deserve to repeat? Is winning really a reason to tear up and get drunk? What about YB's backup singers winning? sounded very nasal to me! What are the thoughts...
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    1st- Whitefish Jrs
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