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    I agree, you all have gone too far. This whole singing area has become an area that uplifts certain singers and says nothing of the others. The only purpose it serves it to give some individuals and groups BIG HEADS.

    Why don't we talk about all the ones that have gone before us to make this singing possible.

    Sitting at the drum is not about how good your voice is, or who has the best lead, or who can sky.....yada yada yada. It's about being a servant. A servant of the dancers. Yeah I sing, I've been singing a pretty significant portion of my life. Does that make me any better than anybody...NO You know why? Because there is always somebody out there knows more than I do. There are new songs being made everyday and old ones that are being lost. I once heard someone say that if you think sitting at the drum puts you in a position of prominence, look again and you'll see a fool.

    I have seen the name Jimmy Kemble on here several times. Do you think you"ll find him posting who's best on here? I'm not for sure but I bet you wont. Go talk to him, if he's not at the drum I bet you'll find him in the top of the bleachers sitting by himself. Talk about humble. While you're there ask him about all the un-written rules of the drum that are being lost. Ya know, the rules that you learn through experience of sitting with older knowledgeable singers. Ask him about getting up from the drum every 5 seconds, or throwing things over it, or acting up, or starting sings out of order, or starting too high, or hitting the drum when you're not singing, or eating, or not dressing neatly, or not singing, or any of the countless other things that seem to be commonplace at the drum these days.
    Anyway, my point is, there is a lot to learn at the drum. It doesn't come overnight. I think one of the most valuable lessons is humility. I know this post wasn't about the topic but I've been wanting to say something for a while. I hope it helps.

    Brown Hornet
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      I haven't seen Drew in a while so I don't know anything about him needing a trim. Get that fro trimmed up! LOL!
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        Drew is an awsome singer,no doubt. I was wanting to know about these HOBBIEST singers,what yall thought about them...and that is right...There are so many things that younger singers do(including myself) that are not right around the drum. Why were these ways lost or why are we losing them? is it the younger guys fault? is it the older guys fault for not enforcing the rules? When is a good time for a "young" person to go out to the drum and learn these ways? Brown Hornet made some really great points...

        " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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          Lets see, the last time i saw Drew, which was last week, he had very short hair.

          You all think he can sing, you ouoghta see him dance!


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            Let's see, the last time i saw Drew, which was last week, he had very short hair.
            DUH !!!!! It was a joke, son.....I say, A JOKE !!!

            You all think he can sing, you ouoghta see him dance!
            His legs are too short !!!
            "No Wannabes / No Crybabies"


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              Yeah, I was joking too.... Hes a fair singer. I think he could use a bit more practice on them rough spots.
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                okay i have to lend my 2 cents here!
                I do think you all have gotten way off track here.......its crazy to read these posts and see that some people have the nerve to give out peoples names up in here. I mean .......damn.....some people are fair and most are not! My point is read alot of smut that is not always true.....and is jealously coming through!

                To reply to SBZ......I think its all about where you are and the atmosphere...........for example you go to the east coast and you'll see ALL KINDS OF CREATURES sitting at the drum. lol.
                But when you come home its all real.....and the HOBBIEST that you see at commerical powwows are not at the drum around here.....because they are out of their element....or they should feel out of place! and yeah sometimes i think head singers are too kind or should i say shy to correct some people. For instance what would you do??? If a black guy (someone you didnt know) came up to sit at your drum .....when you're headsinger!


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                  I agree with singing-badass...Too many names posted here. Believe it or not some people dont like to see their names splattered all over cyberspace.



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                    well....If a "non" native sits at the drum, if he wants to learn then he has the right to sit there, you gotta have a want to and you also have to have a gift of singing, I believe.

                    And about people splattering names all on the internet or on this deal. I said NO names to start with....
                    :indian2: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME IM FINE:muscles:

                    " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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                      here ya go

                      ok im overhere on the eastcoast and thats all there is in ga is hobbiest. nevertheless this is also where berky monoessy whats the problem with hobbiest powwwos? everything is what you make of it. a name is a name. thats all it is. a powwow is a powwow. u r the one that creates the good feeling and good healing atmosphere. no me i've been singin around a buncha cominatches ma hole life and i'd consider myself comanche before cherokee. but.... the way i was taught was u open that drum to anyone who will respect it, sing on it, serve it, and treat it right. jus cuz a guy got skillz dont mean u cut him down. u give him constructive critiscism. give him a designated spot to sing on if need be(i hate when its offbeat too). its all about singin the right song for them dancers to tell their stories. so u give em songs to dance to and if someone wants to sit in you let them help u serve them dancers. thas jus wut ive been taught.(victor tachiweika,berky and neil mo, kahoo burgess, rc mowatt. im out yall il be in lawton july 4th then its off too cortez. lata
                      "I AM THE WOLVERINE!!!!" "the only thing worse than ndns on tv, is ndns watchin ndns on tv" "ur dad was was the perfect hippie, cuz all the hippies were trying to be ndn's newayz."


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                        what the ehll!


                        You sound just like some one I know!

                        but, I think that if you can sing you can sing if you can't everyone knows the second a sound comes out of your mouth, I only know of a hand full of non Indian singers that can sing and most of them are truely nice guys that would help you out in'a second. and love singing!

                        Wheres the love!
                        well what the hell it's f'ed up anyway!


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                          I've noticed that when you have a white guy or black guy it doesn't sound the samn as when its all NDN around the drum.
                          And the younger NDN singers of today don't sound like the old heads? Myself I enjoy sitting at a drum looking around and seeing all skins.... Always gives me a good feeling!
                          Dayum I make some keen DrumSticks!!!!!!sigpic


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                            NDNTACO - I agree, I can always pics out white guys singing from Indian. NDN singers have that certain sound.

                            BROWNHORNET - I also agree with you about the being humble and all the other points you brought. A lot of this is overlooked nowadays.
                            There are 2 types of people in the world...
                            Really stupid people who think they are smart
                            Really smart people who think they are smart.


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                              DUUUUhhh! the white guy at the drum is always White no Sh** t dumb A**

                              You must be from OK, I am white as they Get and I can sing Indian with any of them, BH won't reply. but I will if you see me you will know Me, 6'5, 290, Red hair and proud to be a Kiowa Captive if you see me at a pow wow come and say Hi.

                              If you have Problem come up after the dance and see me, will talk.. No problem.


                              come see Me say hi tough Guy!
                              well what the hell it's f'ed up anyway!


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                                all i gots to say is that
                                Drew Armstrong
                                Bo Limbaugh
                                Marvin ? (from Texas)
                                can sing with the best of them no matter what!!! they got the teachings, the respect, and the humbleness(is that a word) and thats all you need!!!


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