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    I found this down in the archives and thought I'd pull this back up for those inquiring about the order of Ponca Songs.


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      When "Doc" Howard (James Howard, the anthropologist, author of "The Ponca Tribe") was alive, he conveyed to me verbally that the trot dance may have been a separate society dance that was becoming defunct and was then co-opted by the hethushka society. As with all ethnologists, Howard was depending upon "informants" for his material, so this trot dance idea is up for question.

      Irene Warrior, Amos' wife and Sylvester's sister-in-law, was a very traditional and knowledgeable woman for her time. She was teasing me years ago, and saying that "None of you guys know how to trot dance." She said that she would "side-dance" it outside the circle and told me to watch. She did so, dancing in place, facing center. It would have been inappropriate for her to circle the benches. For a portion of the time, she held her arms up as though each hand was holding a bridle rein. She "trotted"; there was no drag step. Irene turned from side to side, approximately one-eighth turns.

      Abe Conklin and a handful of others used to pretend using a quirt on their right leg, two or three licks.

      Food for thought.

      "No one knows 10% of anything."


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