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  • Tails

    Thinking back, I remember when southern drums sang intertribals, they included a tail at the end of each song. (*Applying to powwows not man dances).


    If a southern drum was being judged on "true" southern singing criteria, shouldn't they sing a tail?

    Yes or no?
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    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    i think they should. i know on the songs that our drum sings we put tails on our songs, so if they're being judged on 'true' southern singing, yes, they should add a tail.
    only if you say so


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      Hmmmm...some thoughts here!

      WhoMe, here is some food for thought!

      What about those northern pow wows that ask Southern Drums to sing in rotation? When a southern drum gets called on, lets say Women's Fancy, for their contest they still put a tail on this?

      I guess my primary point in mentioning this here is that all too often you have pow wows (even tribal dances) that "go by their own rules" as far as Head Staff, who in turn go by their own rules as far as judging.

      I think the true question here should be something along the lines of having truly knowledgeable people as judges and as a part of the pow wow committee! When I say knowledgeable, knowing of both northern and southern. I can think of a lot of times where we sat prepared to sing contest (i.e. intertribal) and we were asked to sing "no tails". Is this not disrespectful to the southern drum?

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        When in Rome?

        I think if the singing criteria says no tails, no tails... if it doesn't... it's free reign. There's a few places I've sang that the criteria is no tricks, no tails... when in Rome I guess.

        Just my 49 cents worth.

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          I can remember during my youth, back in the early 70's, drums in the midwest sang inter-tribals and some contest catagories with tails on them. For our region, the change to the current practice of no tails began during the mid 80's.

          I can appreciate the call for tradition;however, I guess when it comes to contest, tradition often takes a back seat to what is in vogue at the present time. I would welcome a return to the old school. There was a reason for the ways of our fathers...right?!!


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