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What kinds of things interest you when it comes to Southern Singing?

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  • What kinds of things interest you when it comes to Southern Singing?

    Are you intrigued by the new groups?

    Are you intrigued by the new songs?

    What about just something new in general?

    Maybe even how "old school" some folks go?

    Let us hear it and where you've heard it.

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    I enjoy vetern sons new and old, sweetheart songs. I also like hearing the ole schools songs. Gotta add I reall enjoy some goot back up singers. Hope thats what you were asking lol.
    I got a fevah! And the only cure is more cowbell!!!


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      Nothing against my Northern friends or Northern drums, but I generally like the Southern sound better, regardless of what kind of song it is.

      I do find that I get goosebumps when I hear a good Southern Women's Tradish song. It just has kind of this majestic sound to it. If I hear one on Powwow Radio it makes me want to get up and dance right then and there no matter what I'm doing.

      I've been listening to all of the new Southern groups on the Powwow Idol recordings, and although old school is cool, I really find myself leaning towards the groups that do have kind of a fresher sound. There are a couple that don't sound like anybody else (and I hope they do great).

      To add to what Plumes said - good backup singers really enhance what the drum has goin' on!

      I think there are enough drums in the powwow world to have room for both - old school and new sound - and no doubt plenty who appreciate each (or maybe both).


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