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Midnite Express singing Southern Style

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  • Midnite Express singing Southern Style

    2 weekends ago I saw Midnite Express sing a two-step song and a regular southern straight song. Let me tell y'all, Midnite can JAM southern songs. THey sounded [email protected]$$ when they did. I personally think that Midnite enter a southern singing contest just once.
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    i guess great drums are gonna sound awesome no matter what they sing!


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      This is nothing new>>>

      Lot's of Northern drums can sing Southern style and make it sound righteous (ie. High Noon, Little Island Cree, Moccasin Flats etc. etc.)

      Someday, they will have a SPECIAL singing catagory for . .

      " Northern drums that can sing Southern style in a contemporary fashion while eating frybread with their east coast hommies - while their snags are waiting at home because they said they were just 'going out for a loaf of bread!"

      ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

      iTs A tReNd.............
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        if you can jamm to northern & southern, then you're GOOD!
        it just upsets me during competiton when everyone agrees upon a northern drum and they end up singing a southern song... what's up with that!?
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          """""""""" iT's A tRend!""""""""""""

          Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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            singin southern style

            i know at schemitzun they have a contest for that. The northen drums pick a southern song from a certain group, and their judges are that particular southern drum group. This goes vice versa too. The southern drums pick a northern song to sing


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              pops open a cold bud and wonders about some of these topics....


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                Mystic River can jam out some southern stuff too.

                They got some nice ruffle as hell !!!


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                  alright now lets face it, if ya put any of these northern drums against sizzortail, yellowhammer, or cozads in a drum contest, they'll get murdered, but that doesnt mean they cant jam southern though...


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                    Hey! what about southern singin northern, i know of some who could get in there and do some good. like a southern comtempary......Hey!....sorthern.....haha! Dang what we coming to these days! next there will be contest peyote meetins! LOL!


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                      The new Stoney Creek has a southern song..
                      Yes, YOU too can do it for the Nookie.


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                          It's all good if a northern drum can breakout and sing a southern song,and a southern drum can breakout and sing a northern song, but I think most of these drumgroups that CAN accomplish this feat, do so to keep their "popularity/reputation" cards. Of course this dont apply when you might be a powwow and their is only one drum for the entire powwow. And this drum has to sing for all divisions. Most of the switch singing that goes on is usually at a very large powwow($$$$$$). Back when WhiteFish Bay was still together and on top, they broke out a Ponca Ruffle at a big powwow. They surprised everyone.....they sounded good but they misspronounced some of the Ponca words. This of course went unnoticed except by the few Poncas that were there and those that grew up listening to Ponca songs.
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                            OOOHHH YYYEEAAHHHH!!!!


                            have a 'cole one' for me:D :devil
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                              thats good...some drums can sing northern and southern...more power to you...pops open another one...see you all at kinder!


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