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Where'd that sweet sounding drum go?

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  • spicysouthern
    he juss went out and recorded a new cd i hear

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  • WhoMe
    Yup and nope!


    I'm talking about the Grey Horse drum from Tulsa - Jack Anquoe lead singer.

    He made some absolutely, killah' fancy dance songs!

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  • theepowwowchic49
    Gray Horse or Grey Horse

    WhoMe you talkin about Gray Horse of Oklahoma City Jack Anqews drum?

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  • WhoMe
    Grey Horse used to have it going.

    They had a unique sound for their time. If they could get together all the good singers that have sat in with them, they would still be on top.

    They were the first southern drum for most northern plains powwowers to hear.

    They were also one of the first southern drums to have a title for their "drum group" like the northern drums.

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  • Gah-Gah!
    started a topic Where'd that sweet sounding drum go?

    Where'd that sweet sounding drum go?

    Reading through the "Dropping like Flys" thread made me think of lost drums.

    Are there any drums out there that no longer exist that you miss hearing them at the powwows?

    One's that would get you saying to yourself.. "If so~n~so were here they would tear this powwow up!!"

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  • TacO5000
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    What kind of tone of a drum do you like to sing with? what size, and what kind of stands do you perfer? Who makes keen drum? what kind of hides do you like?

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