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    Steve Little Cook - lead singer. He lets other singers lead too.

    Yes, I agree. They are going to be on top soon.
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.

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    I heard these fellas at Stroud...Good drum group. It appeared to me they have some guys from Yellowhammer, Yellowjacket, Southern Thunder and another group, they go about 10-12 deep. I talked with a few that weekend and I think, but I think they are trying for a contemporary Southern style flava. Regardless they have all the goods with good energy. They should give the southern category a run. My only question what happens if Yellowhammer or Southern Thunder sets-up will they stick with BMR (Bad Moon Rising)?

    BTW, Southern Thunder won the drum contest at Stroud that weekend, winner take all.


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      We hope u all enjoy our recordin, were just gettin started and should be a bigger presence next summer. Most of the singers come from various drums but were tryin to bring in younger singers. But for the most part we all just love to sing and make everyone around feel good thats what were all about, so i hope u all enjoy are tape and youll here more from us in the future. Oh be on the lookout for are next recordin live.


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        BMR was at Macy powwow....Some good singin there!! Glad you guys took first!
        Life's Short, Powwow Hard


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          Re: Bad Moon Rising

          Originally posted by straightdancerinaz
          So? Anyone else pick up a copy of their first release?

          Bad Moon Rising

          The link above should take you to the site that sells their commercial release, and is also the site of the store owned by the guy that put the deal out for them.

          They have a very Southern Thunder sound if you ask me. But, still, a new sound, very pleasing. A good crew came together on this one. I heard some old songs on there, but, with a twist, and some that sounded better this time around mostly on account of some singers having aged and refined their voices.

          Who's the guy leading on the release anyway? He's got a keen lead.......very original with alot of feeling and "vocal dexterity" & range.

          I for one recommend purchasing a's a good one!!!
          Is there info about the album or a way to order it on the website? I clicked on the link but didn't see anything.
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            WHOOPS...i thought this thread was about a different type of moon... :mocking: me LOL
            yeah, yeah, yeah...

            ...never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups...

            If quizzes are "quizical"...What are tests?


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