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    Just checkin out some of these posts and makes me wonder whatcha all thought of a contemporary southern drum. Would it be good/bad? who would be contemporary and why? I know of some who could be, but il see who shows up on here.

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    Most "organized southern drums" would fit under this catagory. This is not to say that they don't sing at home when their dances and ceremonies take place.

    The "concept of contest" has changed the face of today's powwow singing. ie closed competition drums, singing own recently composed songs and recording under their own drum name.

    I always wondered why no southern drums ever competed in the contemporary singing competition at Schemitzun.
    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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      Well who would be in that contest?


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        Contemporary Southern at Schemitzun?

        I didn't know they had such a singing cateogry at Schemitzun, but if they did I'd imagine you'd see (IMHO):

        Bad Moon Rising (based on the description on these boards -- I haven't head them yet)
        Rose Hill
        Sizzortail (maybe)
        Southern Boys (maybe)

        Any others?


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          Contemporary could also be those drums that are from areas where southern is not the norm. I heard this drum from UTAH and they were throwing a weird beat into the song......and hitting the drum hard in the middle of their push ups, and at the end of their push was kinda weirded out to me. I don't care for these types of contemporary changes. How do you all feel?
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            it could be a good thang


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              contemp. southern singin'

              Omaha WhiteTail has already beat all them drums upset YellowHammer
              >>>~~~~*~~~~<<< THUNDERHILL >>>~~~~*~~~~<<<


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                Originally posted by WhoMe
                Most "organized southern drums" would fit under this catagory.
                I kind of think so too, because at really really local southern dances, there's usually just a head singer, not a head drum, so an "organized" drum in itself is a pretty contemp idea, even if they sing ol' school songs.

                So if you look at it like that, any named, pretty well-established southern drum could enter... the only ones that couldn't would be nameless open drums, which you don't see at contests, so I guess unless some southern drums start getting really jazzy or doing something like singing in three languages in one song or something, I don't know how you'd find a def. of contemp southern that would satisfy everyone.



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                  I think you guys already hit the nail on the head. Any organized southern drum is contermporary. Cause around here the only Traditional drum is the center drum. I know in Kiowa country when we get tradish, we only allow a center drum.
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                    Bay-Gaw. . . .

                    I guess there are some Khgoy goo (Kiowa's) in the house.

                    Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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