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  • IS it me or ?

    Is it me or are songs for women's buckskin getting a faster and faster beat these days?????

    I like the songs that are more slow to medium so the ladies in buckskin can show their grace and beauty in dance.

    I have noticed lately that the songs the southen drums are singing for the ladies in buckskin are picking up in tempo but I don't think it lends itself to the dance.... I don't know maybe it's just me ????? hmmmmm? What yall think?
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    its just drum inexperience


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        I know what your saying, I've recorded plenty of times and when I listen to my digital recordings I sense it as well. I've put this out about a year ago and got a few bad remarks. It's not intended to be a slam just my own opinion.

        These are just contest songs when one is competing.

        Best Southern Fancy Dance Song: Cozads and Youngbird
        Best Southern Buckskin and Cloth Song : Southern Thunder and Southern Boyz
        Best Straight Dance Song : Southern Thunder and Whitetail
        Best Round Dance Songs: Yellowhammer, Cozad, Southern Boyz and Southern Thunder
        Best Intertribals : Yellowhammer, Southern Boyz, Youngbird, Sizzortail

        Best Overall : Yellowhammer and Southern Thunder

        As the original poster indicated some drums groups are rushing that drum beat right before the three honor beats. And someone also mentioned just inexperience. That's true, but in most cases young singers do that all the time. I'll leave it at that.


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          I cant beleive some of the things i see on here sometimes, like an inexperienced singer, or theres such a thing as a better drum, no singer is perfect thats for sure, shoot ive even seen some of those old guys mess up here and there, and ive seen them old guys sing cloth and buckskin fast as hell, is that because their inexperienced or because their not a good drum group? I have recordings of Sylvester Warrior, Harry Buffalohead, Jimmy Kimble, Joe Fish, Larry Cozad, and even Old Man Cozad singing cloth and buckskin fast as hell, before the contest powwow came along, all the singing used to be fast so...I just dont see how you guys have the balls to say whos a good singer and who isnt, i think that most singers are out there singer for the pleasure and not the fame, you guys make it sound like theres no other good singers outside the contest world, i know plenty of guys who could out sing the guys today but they stay at that middle drum instead. Thats just my opinion.


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            I'll have to back you up 110 percent Scabby Singin Scrub.:D

            There are many many singers (Northern and Southern) who can outsing anybody who travels nationwide. Not hatin on those that like to travel to all powwows coast to coast, but your gonna have a celebrity following if you consistantly sing everywhere...especially if your a good knowledgable singer. This fact can also be true for all the catagories of dancing.


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              That's a right on with the old school singers singing a faster beat. I have seen it all over. The slow dippy songs are kind of new wave just so the singers can fit all the lyrics in to put on a show. It is the old songs that can flat make you dance. And yes, it is a faster beat but that is the original style.
              You can see it when you get the younger girls against the older ladies in cloth and buckskin in the arena. When the original drumbeat is going on.....they can't keep time for nothing. They are too busy trying to look dippy and graceful instead of just dancing. The old school girls can flat put it on them and show them how to dance.
              I have noticed that the last few years.
              Alot of those drums mentioned don't sing that slow at home on their own turf as they do out on the contest trail.
              Go figure......


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