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When do you need a right to sing a song?

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  • When do you need a right to sing a song?

    I was talking with a group a while ago who decided at the last minute to set up at a pow wow. They had a pretty good time. While they were there, the Head Dancer (who was a Gourd Dancer) asked if they "had the right" to sing Gourd Dance songs and if so, could they sing a few as an exhibition for him. The Lead singer explained that of the singers that were present, they could only sing about a set of Gourd Dance songs.

    I was asked if singers really needed permission to sing Gourd Dance songs when you are called upon to do so. They were taken by surprise because they never expected anyone in that area to make such a request. My reply to these guys was similar to what I got from others when I passed it along. As I was taught, as a singer you have a responsibility to the people. And if you know the songs, i.e. taught by some reliable resources, then you should oblige. When it comes to the Gourd Dance alone...this is a totally different story.

    Upon discussing this further with other singers, we agreed that the family songs (especially the word songs) may require a bit of "extra attention".

    Obviously it is important to know what you're doing and singing at all times. What are your thoughts on non-Kiowa groups singing Gourd Dance songs with no words when you are asked?

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    Those songs are on the drum... sing them and sing them right!!! and almost all those gourd dance songs are family songs words or no words.... just sing and have good feelings!!! make em' dance!!!
    Dayum I make some keen DrumSticks!!!!!!sigpic


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