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  • Gwah!!! Just Keen!!!

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    Dayum I make some keen DrumSticks!!!!!!sigpic

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    See lots of Okies in there

    Looks like Northeastern Oklahoma

    ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
    Till I Die!


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      I think so.... I was looking at pow wow tv.... and came across this! awwh my beloved 49!!! snaggin, singing, snaggin, more singing, more snaggin, and more singing!!! A to da hizzo!!!
      Dayum I make some keen DrumSticks!!!!!!sigpic


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        They was sounding real keen there thats for sure
        I love it when you hear lots of Men and Women singing
        That is what makes southern singing so beautiful
        ᎠᏂᎩᏚᏩᎩ - Anigiduwagi
        Till I Die!


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          All bright... Used to stumbling around the dark, using the illumination of faded headlights, and dozens of cellphone displays.
          ***Edited for explicit content***


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            I was just going to put up a new 49 thread today with a different twist. Oh well. This is good too!
            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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