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Ive seen these names on here often, what makes them stick out so much Individualy?

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  • Ive seen these names on here often, what makes them stick out so much Individualy?

    Frank Adson

    Anthony Moenassey

    Jimmy Kimble

    Arlen Goddfox

    Kelley Cable

    Curt Hamilton

    Alex Smith

    Cheevers Toppah

    Al Santos

    Also, why is there such a difference between Frank and Jimmy from the rest of these guys?

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    CURTIS HAMILTON ...cuz he is one coo BRO....and one smoove PLAYA...*L* SHOUT OUTZ TO MY BRO CURTDOG!....wayeeeee!:p
    ~.~ A friend is~.~

    " someone who can sing the song in your heart, even when you have forgotten the words...;)"


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      My guess would be the Leads...not one lead is the same...Frank and Jimmy are awesome...they are both lead singers of well respected drum groups! I like singing with all of the guys listed...they each bring different qualities to the drum...which make them stand out i guess.
      *~Bless everyone from the bottom of their heads to the tops of their feet~* SBZ


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        They simpley know what they are doing with those songs.


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          They are

          the beethovans of pow wow country straight up and no right or left turns.
          Friends dont let friends take home ugly Men. :huddle:

          :indian1: THE DARKER THE FLESH THEN THE DEEPER THE ROOTS :indian1:


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