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  • The song currently known as.... that I have your

    I remember we had a discussion about this some time ago...the song we've come to know as Kenneth Anquoe's Song. I was listening to a recording of the O-ho-mah Lodges Songs and heard it without the words. Then I wondered..."When were the words put to this song?"

    I remember hearing the story of how it was used for someone else before Kenneth's Homecoming from South Pacific. The name slips me now...and so does the date. Can anyone else help me to fill in these blanks? Did the song (and others) always have Kiowa in it?

    Also, I'm sure there are other O-ho-mah Lodge Songs out there with words &/or "belong" to people. Which ones come to mind that just stand out?

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    Hello LSS - to answer your question we can assure you that my Uncle Kenneths song was always his, but the confusion may stem from the fact that Kenneth already had a song prior to that that currently belongs to my father Jim, which was composed by my grandfather Jimmy A. Also Roland Whitehorses song sounds similar to my Uncle Kenneths.
    Kenneths song (with words) was composed for him in 1943 by old man Whtehorse, so my grandfather let it replace the one he had composed, which he eventually gave to my father Jim when he returned from the marine corps in 1967. We hope this answers your question LSS - ah-ho!


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