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Selling songs.

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  • Selling songs.


    Most people who powwow own powwow tapes and CDs.

    When a well known band sells their tapes, immediately other less known bands begin singing their cover songs as part of their own act.

    Using this comparison, what are the implications of selling Indian songs.

    When an Indian drum group sells their tapes and CDs, are they also selling the rights to sing their songs to whoever buys their tapes or records them?

    What do you think???????
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    As I was told; when you put your songs on tape and sell them, you put those songs on the drum. Which means anyone has the right to sings them. You give those songs to the intertribal arena. Also as a singer with a few competion drums, we try to respect those those and that group. Basically because, "We don't need there songs to win!".
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