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    I have a 4 yr old son that loves to sing. I was wondering how would I go about getting him started singing in a drum group? I'm pretty clueless to it.

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    You'll need to go local. Ask your local drum, elders, family, powwows etc. Sing with him, make sure he's got some rythym : Men teach the boys to drum as well as the teachings and all. With little guys sometimes the Men start a junior drum, this would probably be best. One I has a Junior drum. The boys are older then your son but the little ones come sit at practice or sit with thier dads and uncles at the drum, learning by being there.


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      Learning by being the drum. For little ones...especially since you're a little closer to Oklahoma than I am, find a dance where there is a Head Singer and have the dad or uncles take him out there. He may not be allowed to sit at the drum when he wants to sit down...but his time will come. Even if there is no Center Drum, just go to dances and stand near the drum. It is very powerful.

      I don't know what your means/funds are looking like but I hear there'll be a fairly keen dance in London, KY the second weekend in September. Hear the Host Southern Drum will be bringing the entire family...little ones and all. Something like this would definitely give inspiration to not only the children, but their parents as well.

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