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"Smart phones" at the drum

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  • "Smart phones" at the drum

    My wife and I are in the "Elder 70+ dance category." Admitting that we may be somewhat old fashioned, but we returned from a last night's powwow where a few of the singers were iphoning at the drum. One lady singer at the gourd dance drum was really into it, probably on the internet, even to the point of not singing while songs were in progress!

    There were people in the audience doing the same, but that is their prerogative. However, around the drum, that seemed very disconcerting and rude to us.

    I realize that there are breaks between songs where the singers are just sitting and waiting. I suppose this electronic phenomenon is going to happen just about everywhere. It's a shame though. These same singers handle the drum with care. It is brought into the circle usually enclosed in a blanket or bag. It is rested on a folded blanket while the stand is assembled and set up. Some singers take blessings from the drum. And yet, at the same time, some are going to sit at the drum and "smart phone." It seems sucky to me.

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    I agree with you. I am new to this website. But I must agree with you. It has been a long time since I attended a powwow. I was very little but have returned. The drum is the heartbeat and to disrespect it is to disrespect life itself. I think the head drummer should have requested them to stop or move away from the drum.


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      Yes, the IMing, texting, whatever out around the drum has gone too far- especially if you are forgetting to sing.

      But, some folks now use their phones the same way as older singers use tape recorders- so I don't jump to a conclusion when I see a singer with his phone out.


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        Thats disrespectful and there is no reason for it. NO text or webpage is important enough that it cant wait for you to go to car.


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          With my experiences, there isn't sufficient coverage to be able to get internet access on your phone when you're at a reservation powwow. I'm on TMobile and was only able to get one bar on the GPRS network.
          Wanjica Infinity No One


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            I don't mean to be a "SMART" ***, but maybe their dialing a direct line to the Creator to either pick the right song or double check to see if that was in fact the song He had wanted them to sing!

            I can be such an idiot at times!
            To get a true picture of your purpose in life, you only get the whole picture when you listen with your mind, your ears and your heart. This way The Creator has a direct connection with you and only outside interference.

            When you follow the will of IT that created you, understanding that your purpose is not for you...but for IT and all that IT has created, there can be no wrong except failure to be obedient. Only then do we jeopardize the gifts we are given.

            Its not the final destination that defines us, rather the journey taken!


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