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    I was going to rattle off a list but...

    after looking at Western Wishes List I believe he has put the best (all in fun) old guys and young guys list together. I LIKE HIS TASTE.

    These Young Guns can sing up a storm, that is what a good singer can do , be able to sing with anyone, old style or contemporary. Willing to learn off the old guys. Ya know what I mean? These guys are up and coming. I wish them luck.

    Now for the Northern Singers: Hokie, Bud and McAllen can hold their own with the contemporary singing.

    I hope the hostle one has settled down. Sounded like a personal problem to me...I wish him luck and maybe he will get his name on some kinda list one day. Ayeeeeeee. Just kidding. Wheew...but I am glad he is gone.

    NB101 :Angel2


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      Jimmy Kemble
      Jade R
      Jimmy Jr.
      Larry Cozad
      Millard Clark
      George Valliere
      Herb Adson
      Frank Adson
      Kirby Kemble
      Earnest Toppah
      Joe Fish Dupoint

      Cheevers Toppah
      Arlen Goodfox
      Marty Thurman
      Kelly Cable
      Anthony Monessey
      Terrell Meicine Bird
      Kenneth Cozad
      Wakeen Hamilton
      Jason Lightfoot


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        Tha Crew

        From my experience as a singer. And i wont put my own name on here either.

        Here's the top 12 49ers. Top 10

        Jimmy kemble Joe Fish
        Frank Adson Jason Lightfoot
        Jade Dewayne Tofpi
        Herb Milard Clark
        Jimmy Starr Drew Armsrtong
        Arlen Goodfox Iron Toppah
        Kenneth Cozad J.R. Ross
        Marty Thurman Glenn Ahady
        Kelly Cable Anthony Moenessey
        Drew Armstrong Larry Cozad
        Larry Cozad
        Hyde Toppah

        Top 5 Women

        Roberta Macintosh
        Andrea Kemble
        Nivy Starr
        Dobin Moenessey
        Tina Emhoolah


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          the ultimate crew

          i like your style dru.....


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            my crew would be
            tha old guyz:
            berkey monoessy
            neal monoessy
            larry cozad
            the late joe cozad
            jimmy kemble
            joe fish
            frank adson
            glenn ahhaity(sp)
            jimmy star
            daniel cozad

            the young guyz:
            anthony monoessy
            ronald monoessy
            kelley cable
            edgar redbone
            cheevers toppah
            kenneth cozad
            jason lightfoot
            kyle tipps
            marty thurman
            hyde toppah


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              just one question..... how come nobody ever puts curt dogg on their lists????no props for the big fella?
              Who the hell started this "Chimookamaan Phenomenon"?


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                curt can sing but he aint got it like these boyz

                southern boyz: keep singin' brothaz


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                  Jim Kemble
                  Jim Grant
                  Jim Kemble Jr.
                  Perry Botone
                  Steve Littlecook
                  Jade Roubedeaux
                  Kinsel Lieb
                  Garland Kent Jr.
                  Mike Gawhega
                  Pat Moore
                  Wes Hudson
                  LittleBear Littlecook
                  OJ Littlecook
                  Greg Lieb

                  aka THA HAMMA!!!


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                      This is a cool post

                      Old Heads:

                      Jimmy Kemble - Lead - Yellow Hammer
                      Larry Cozad - Cozad's
                      the late Joe Cozad - Cozad's
                      Herb Adson - Southern Thunder
                      Frank Adson - Southern Thunder
                      Joe Fish - Bad Medicine
                      Glen Ahhaitty - ?? Rosehill? Youngbird?
                      George Valliere - Southern Thunder?
                      Jimmy Starr - Southern Thunder

                      Old Head Backups:

                      Dobbin Monnessey - Sings with all
                      Barbara Monoessey - sang with anyone
                      Georgia Harris - Southern Thunder
                      Cherise Sate??? - sings with all
                      Angela Sate??? - sings with all
                      Dorothy Moore - Yellowhammer


                      Kenneth Cozad - Lead - Cozad's
                      Jade Roube??? -Yellowhammer
                      Steve Littlecook - Yellowhammer
                      Jason Lightfoot - Southern Thunder
                      Arlen Lightfoot - Sizzortail
                      Russell Mashunk??? - Southern Boys?
                      Aaron Adson - Southern Thunder
                      Jordan Moore - Southern Thunder?
                      Kyle Tipps - Southern Thunder?
                      Kelley Cable - Southern Boys
                      Anthony Monoessey - Southern Boys
                      Marty Thurmun - Sizzortail

                      Backup Sistah's:

                      Nivy Starr
                      Andrea Kemble
                      Sunny Rose Yellowmule

                      I used less older guys than younger ones, as they could hold their own. The young horses would have power and raise the roof, until they got a load of the late Joe Cozad (Kenneth's dad)!

                      The older backups would rock tha house! While the young sistah's would add to a kicka$$ flava.

                      I used 15 for both groups.

                      Let me throw some envy on some of the younger peeps in the house. That older bunch from time to time were known to get together and display their talents years ago, with the exception of 2-3 people.


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                        Cozad family
                        Ahhaitty boys
                        Joe Fish
                        Monassey boys

                        that's all you need...


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                          The Ultimate Drum Group~*~*~*~*~*

                          In my Blue eyes it would have to no particular order...

                          1~Jimmy K sr
                          2~Anthony Monessey
                          3~Kelly Cable
                          4~Darrel Cable(NDN Hulk Hogan)
                          5~OJ LittleCook
                          6~Larry Monessey<~fo da BASS
                          7~Russ Mushunk
                          8~Chad T
                          9~Aaron Atison
                          10~Ronald Monessey
                          11~Steve Littlecook
                          12~Carl Patterson

                          SKKKYY BLUE CREW
                          :indian2: MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, JEAN CLAUDE VAN DAMME IM FINE:muscles:

                          " say what I feel, I say what I think, I say what you do not like, Yet for some reason what I say is somewhat correct" Chief Big Beef 1999


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                            how come no one postedlike this when it was up in northern whatchya'll sayin ?? Northern Singin cant cut an Ulltimate crew??:p :p :p :p :p :Thinking :Thinking :Thinking
                            :NoNo Cant win all the time

                            ~ If I told you I loved you, would u hold me in your arms so tight, If I told you I loved you, Would you be mine, mine for ever ~

                            ~ U may shoot me with your words, U may cut me with your eyes, U may kill me with your hatefulness, BUT STILL LIKE AIR I'LL RISE ~


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                              The Ultimate Crew!! We are mostly all equal singers, for the exception of "The Ultimate Singer" a legend in our time, but unfortunatly he is no longer with us....Joey Clark (aka, "Pee Wee" Clark). I give him all my respect, gratude and I will never forget him. It's men like him who taught me how to be humble, sing from the heart, and inspired me to compose many song our drum sings.

                              A-ho to all you!!
                              Last edited by yellowhammer49; 10-16-2004, 08:22 PM.


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                                I wasn't here for this one...

                                Originally posted by stickybunsbuffalobal View Post
                                AAWWWWW! Is the widdle, roun', brown dude hatin' because he's not on there? :Cry

                                SORRY FOR YA!!!! Haayyyy just kiddin'!!!!

                                Chill out dude - dang - just in fun! Of course theres an ultimate crew - it ain't been put together YET!!! Thats what this is for!!!

                                I'm not an expert but I think:

                                Arlen Goodfox
                                Marty Thurman
                                Kelly Cable
                                Silas Sepahoodle (Not sure about the spelling - Sorry!)
                                Kenneth Cozad
                                Chivers Toppah
                                BW Wahnee, Jr.
                                Warren Anquoe
                                Chink Whitecloud

                                May be thrown together but these guys can back up all those leads the rest of you have!!

                                But I'm from the North so what do I know - its just my opinion!!!
                                Dang I was doing a people search to see what would pop up on bdub and this is what I found....LOL Talk about archived.
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