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    I was just wondering what the first two songs off Otter Trail's CD, The Next Chapter, meant, and who sang them. I would like to sing them on the drum so that I don't sing a song that I don't know the meaning of. Please respond if you have any information. Thanks.

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    Before you Try to sing some otter tail songs you should talk to the boys of otter tail and ask thier permission to sing there songs. They might say no but don't get offended. Those song might belong to someone and they mightnot like you singing there song, or you might sing that song when otter tail is present and they might get mad. If they do give you permission to make sure you learn the words right, if they do have words. Just be respectful and try to things in a respectable way. Don't step on anyones toes.
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      I know for a fact that members of Otter Trail frequent so you might get your question answered on here..
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        Yep, like NDNTACO49 says, it's best to ask permission to sing a particular song before using it. The song could be an old song that belongs to an individual or family. Many of the songs have special meaning. To sing one without getting permission could have negative consequences.
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          Well if its a song that Al Boldeagle wrote, you can probably just get a Spanish to English dictionary and translate it yourself.


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            And it might have been made by one of the Johnsons from the Alabama-Coushatta that you can't translate by yo' self.


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              Well, it's good protocol to ask, but then again....if you are putting a song out on cd for sale, then one can assume it is a song that can be sung on the open drum. In other sold it. ha ha
              I know that Sizzortail asked permission to sing my father's song on their new cd in memorial of my father, who encouraged them as a young drum. This was an honor for our family, but then dad put his song on the drum several years ago, so it is sung all over indian country.
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                I think it would be a good idea to ask Mr. Santos about the songs in question.

                I'm pretty sure he would tell you what is being sung and who made the song.

                And if I'm not mistaken,i think it's pretty apparent from the insert from the tape who's song is whose and so forth.

                Ottertrail rox! And if any of the group does read these comments,I would want to say:

                Keep up the good work boys! Can't wait to hear the new cd!


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                  And If I had composed those songs Mr Lotus Vox would you have said the same sarcastic thing to me? Geezus!
                  But anywayz, back to the topic at hand......
                  The first two songs on the CD are inter-tribal songs. I am flattered someone or some group would want to sing our songs. Al we ask is, sing 'em right!
                  The very first song was composed by R.G. Harris who gave us the honor of putting this song on our album. The second song was co-composed by the Johnson brothers and Al.
                  I agree with sltate and others, sometimes you have to ask permission to sing various songs, you never know if it belongs to an individual or families. But I also agree if you put it out on tape or CD to sell, anyone can sing it. But thats just my opinion.
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