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Whos All Going to Roseau River Powwow?

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  • Whos All Going to Roseau River Powwow?

    So who is all going to Roseau River Powwow? there are some specials there... lots of em anyways.. all i know is Garret Henry is putting on a Mens Chicken dance Special... and Keisha Henry is puttin on a Jr Girls Fancy Shawl Special... Chayton Henry is puttin on a tiny tot special... Marlene Henry, Joanne Littlejohn, and Diane Henry are puttin on a Team Dance special.... and i dont know what else there is going to be... but i can post up the info later if ya'll want? anyone interested? if so...

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    What are the dates? I talked with a friend from CA last night and she mentioned coming up north for awhile to dance. Roseau River is one of the dances she wants to hit. I didn't have any info on it. Tell me more. Thanks


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      I am in Winnipeg, so I shall be there. ;)


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        roseau pow wow

        when is this event happening? :37:


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          Check out their website for more info:


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              I used to go there but Hinckley is the same weekend so awww, but last time i was there,,,, all I can remember is mosquitos hahahaha.
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                Hey sorry people i forgot to mention the dates.. lmao.. well its the same time as HINKLEY.. i know damn.. umm.. ITS ON JUNE 18, 19, and 20th... but whos all going? iam.. cus its my rez... and well im the Princess.. so i best to make my appearance there.. ****ty deal.. but das ok i guess. last time i went to hinkley was a while ago like 4 yrs ago.. or maybe 3 but i wouldnt mind to go again.. and yeah there is alot of misquitos here.. but das ok.. and there is alot of specials here.. so everyone come out and powwow here in roseau aight?


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                  roseau river

                  pretty good pow-wow and the 4d9 is pretty wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                  alot of cars were burnt at the 49er...


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