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Southern at St. Croix?

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  • Southern at St. Croix?

    Does anyone have an official word on the southern categories at St. Croix the end of this month. I know Sizzortail is host, so they must have southern, but no details on combined or separate in the women, or age group split or not. Please post or make contact with some who knows and then post LOL
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    Four Southern Categories

    Yes, there are southern categories. They are: Men's Southern Straight, Men's Southern Fancy, Ladies' Southern Buckskin, Ladies' Southern Cloth.

    Buckskin and Cloth are separate categories. All four Southern categories are ages 18 and over. Prize money for each category is $1000, $800, $600, $400 and $200.

    Dance competition begins on Friday, June 25. Grand entry at 7 p.m.

    See ya there!


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