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Wikwemikong Pow Wow 2004 !!

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  • Wikwemikong Pow Wow 2004 !!

    Here's the website for all the info !!

    6 hours north of T.O. , or about 4 hours from Sault Ste. Marie

    Men's Fancy Special $10 000 in prizes!!
    Also a Women's Fancy Special

    The website sez it all !!

    Mt. Pleasant has apparently been moved to the following wknd, so if any one wants to check it out.......

    Oh shower facilities and change rooms for dancers right at the grounds (currently in the works but will be ready for the pw)

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    Just to be nosey.....LOL

    Who's all coming?!?!??!?


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      HEY GIRL! Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to this powwow :( It's Jackfish Days on my rez, n I have to head back there to partake in the festivities.

      Damn, I haven't been to Wiki pw since 2002. Always good times! But have some extra fun for me...
      Got percap?


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        Change of plans...

        I will be there!
        Got percap?


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          battle river is hosting and Lisa Odjig is doing the fancy shawl special. 5000 bux for 1st place in the drum competition. Lisa is one of my favorite of the favorites. met her at gatherings and shes really something. yeah soo count mee in..!!

          oh yeah they are having a anishinabemowin speaking contest. i hope this turns out half as good as it sounds.
          thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

          *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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            For those who roll in early in Friday, there's also a theatre group called "Debajehmujig", I think they'll be putting on a show. Karen Pheasant is directing one but I'm not too sure if it runs until that weekend...more later!


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              Originally posted by injunboy

              oh yeah they are having a anishinabemowin speaking contest. i hope this turns out half as good as it sounds.

              Yeh it will probably be something crazy since alot of people from Wiky can speak fluently. :D

              That will be crazy seeing you someplace else besides AZ. lol.


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                For the Children's Categories!

                Just some Extra Info...
                There will also be BIKES presented to the "first placers" in the Children's Categories at this pow wow. This is presented by the Pheasant/Osawamick, Lavalee/Bondy, Fox/Pheasant, Trudeau,Trudeau/Eshkakogan, and Shawanda families!
                :Eyepopper :JawDrop


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                  Wikwemikong pow-wow, dance production with

                  relatives, this is a very exciting project, that and I have taken on. This will be on summer mainstage, with a company of about 10 dancers, a show run of 9 shows, July 16 to 25. yes during, the height of pow-wow season, but oh well that is when summer mainstage is running. check out the website
                  Karen - Choreographer/director
                  KJP Director’s Notes
                  The Promise

                  Our cultural dance has/have seen striking changes during the past 100 years, since the Wild West shows. In the past our dances had been times of offerings to the Creator, dutiful responsibilities for the land, people and our sacred way of life. In our ceremonies, these dances represented a cultural process of completion. As time passed, our dances evolved to a celebration of our identity, as Aboriginal people, as Aniishnaabe. The songs and dances of each tribe, contributed to the current pow-wow dance spectacular. As each nation shares their contribution, each nation/family and individual honours the cultural process. The Aniishnaabe people, thru the power of dreams, brought the Jingle dress to the women. This dance was to bring healing to the people, through the songs, dances and honouring of the Aniishnaabe way of life, the philosophies of the people.
                  Each generation that adopts the cultural practice of dance, whether it is ceremonial or social, and each dancer brings their gifts of expression and creative artistry. This evening, gather to delight in the cultural creative dance expression of our next generation. The Promise is about an actual event that occurred in the late 80’s, when the Jingle dress was in transition from the original land territory of the Lake of the Woods areas, Northern Ontario. A young Kiowa women traditional dancer and her family took the journey to the Whitefish Bay pow-wow, to seek the true story of the Jingle dress, and the authentic protocol to practice this dance. This is a story about how the Grandma’s passed this dance to the next generation, and the acknowledgement of responsibilities of the next generation, the commitment to uphold the dream of this dance – The Promise.


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                    2 1/2 weeks! Who's coming!?!?!??!?!


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                      Awesome show Karen!!!

                      Now this lady knows how to direct!! :33: LOL jk, awesome job though!


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                        Do They Usually Get A Good Turn Out For This Pow-wow? Was Wonderin What Drums Were Goin? Never Been Here Bfore


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                            Whoa someone's excited for the pw eh there Dibz? Heard the '9 's at your place too ayeeeeee! Anywho, are the bikes for kids category 6-up er tiny tots er wha.....? Just wondering because I remember the Trudeau's sponsoring one at Ottawa was it, for the tiny tots? Wanna make sure my neices and nephews make it out there for that-hey incentive right? Also, being too lazy to check out the website is there hand drum?


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                              Snakeeyes - LOL 9'er at my place ehhhhhh?!?!? now where did this start? there's one in the works, but not at my place! LOL As far as I know, the whole kidlet bike thing is still happening.
                              And yes there is Hand Drum Comp!
                              Indian Car Contest....should be interesting....

                              Stix - So far, Battle River is host, i'll update more later!


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