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Winners at hinkley?????????

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  • Winners at hinkley?????????

    Does anyone have a list of winners at Hinkley?

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    I will try to remember what I can since I was in the van when they called winners out. It was very cold all weekend, especially if you are from OK, where cold isn't around until february. LOL
    1st Little Ronnie Goodeagle
    2nd Angelo Normand
    3rd Juaquin Hamilton
    4th Mia Cozads' boyfriend, I forgot his name

    1st Danielle Downwind
    2nd Chaylene Toehay
    3rd Bridget Whipple
    4th Me, sandy tate nevaquaya

    Golden age southern men
    1st Louis Cozad
    there was only one

    Golden age southern women
    1st Delores Good Eagle
    2nd Linda Tsontekoy
    3rd Almeta Harris

    Golden age women northern
    1st Vera Kingbird
    2nd ????

    Golden age Men
    1st Ben Lovejoy
    Can't remember the rest

    Young men's grass
    1st Wambli Charging Eagle
    2nd Aj Redman
    3rd Julius Not Afraid
    4th ????

    Young men's fancy
    1st Spike Draper
    2nd Tonch St. John
    3rd Daryl Jack

    Young men's traditional
    1st Dana Warrington
    2nd Gabe Cleveland
    3rd Wendall ????

    Young women's traditional Jingle
    1st Winona Kingbird
    Don't remember the rest

    Young women's fancy
    1st Amber Cleveland
    2nd Urseloria Kanuho
    3rd Crystal Cleveland
    4th Gunya Cornielis???

    Young womens contemporary jingle
    1st Dorothy Crow Feather
    2nd Sharon Eagleman
    3rd Tarissa Spoonhunter
    4th ?????

    Sr. Adult traditional jingle
    1st Anna Mae Push???
    Can't remember the rest

    Sr. Adult women's fancy
    1st Lisa Ewalk
    2nd Michelle Lonechild
    3rd Lillian Goodeagle
    4th ?????

    Sr. Adults women's traditional
    1st: JOdy Gillette
    2nd: ??????????
    3rd: Salina No Ear Todome
    4th: Kelly mae Downwind(she may have gotten 2nd)

    young women's northern traditional
    1st: summer baldwin
    can't remember the rest

    Sr. Adults men's fancy
    1st Jerry cleveland
    4th Dwight White Buffalo

    Sr. adults men traditional
    1st: Charles Hinsley
    3rd: Terry Fiddler

    Sr. Men's grass:
    1st Wayne Push
    2nd ivan lonechild
    can't remember the rest

    drum contest
    1st midnite express
    2nd battle river
    3rd southern boys
    4th young kingbird

    that's all I can remember, sorry...hope that enlightens everyone just a little.
    I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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      Winners at Hinkley

      Thanx for the update on winners Sandy, and congrats on getting in there. Were there a lot of good dancers who didn't place? Was Yvette there? Tha's kewl Lisa got 1st in senior women's fancy....any kewl new beadworks worth mentioning? Dang..gotta get out more to some better p.w's..Lol.

      Cepa won a raffle for a VAN?? Wonder what kind it was...Tha's too KEWL...way to go!!


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        Hinckley Pow Wow

        Congrats SLTATE for getting in there. Too bad the age groups for the Southern categories got combined. I hate to dis this pow wow but I must. I was totally disappointed by the way the pow wow committee disrespected the southern categories. First, they invited their southern relatives, then they slapped them in the face. The flyer divided the age groups and then proceeded to combine all the southern age groups. Talk about false advertising. Don't know if I'd go back to this pow wow. It's gone down hill in the past few years. I use to enjoy attending this pow wow. Also, they said they ran out of registration forms and a lot of the dancers had to miss out on grand entry points, even when some of them were comletely dressed and ready to go. What a crock. What big liars they were.


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          Midnite X was jamming! I knew they'd place 1st.


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