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  • Winners at Red Lake

    I sometimes couldn't hear what the MC was saying over the mic as he read the names....i 4got some but they should have the correct spelling of names on our web site... are the winners!

    Junior Boys

    1st Bobby Badger
    2nd Evan kingbird
    3rd Ryan Fairbanks
    4th ( couldn't spell the name

    1st Cree Taylor
    2nd Na-Goni- Smith (Red Lake Brave)
    3rd Makwa Ballenger
    4th Tyson Henry

    1st Mitchell Baker
    2nd couldn't spell the name
    3rd Garrison Johnson
    4th Matt Vance

    Junior Girls
    1st Talisa Starblanket
    2nd Mia Badger
    3rd December Van Wert
    4th Misty Starblanket

    1st Amanda Ironstar
    2nd Janell Starblanket
    3rd Sadie Kingbird
    4th Amanda Henry

    1st Devina Taylor
    2nd Alisha Showfield
    3rd Lily Kingbird
    4th Amaya Littlewolf

    Teen Boys
    1st Anthony Yellmaker ??
    2nd Tyler Starblanket
    3rd Stephen Stillday
    th Chaucy Morris

    1st Kelsie Awaye ?
    2nd Jordan Redman
    3rd Alex Copenais
    4th Aaron Lussier

    1st Grahm Premo
    2nd Josh Leslie
    3rd Courage Cleveland

    Teen Girls
    1st Megan Isnam ?
    2nd Cheyenne Fiddler
    3rd Alexis Copenais
    4th Gina Goodman

    1st Shana Olson
    2nd Kayla Merrick
    3rd Taria Aubid
    4th Jayan Assinboine

    1st Lisha Ewalk ?
    2nd Marie Henry
    3rd Naomi Cleveland
    4th Angel White

    Golden Age Women's Tradtional
    1st Dian McKay
    2nd Marilyn Mountain
    3rd Vera Kingbird
    4th Evon Chase

    Golden Age Women's Jingle
    1st Evelyn Tom
    2nd Elaine Medicine
    3rd Andi McGinnis
    4th Donna Mae Joseph

    Golden Age Men's Tradtional
    1st Charles Tailfeather Sr.
    2nd Frank Eagle Speaker
    3rd Badger Wawas ?
    4th Paul Bealieu

    Golden Age Men's Grass
    1st Larry McKay
    2nd Richard Rock
    3rd Howard Copenais
    4th Johnny Smith

    Mens Chicken Dance
    1st Chase Helinger
    2nd Warshield White Damn this guys is hot!
    3rd Mickso DeChamps ??
    4th Trevor Ewalk

    Womens traditional
    1st Danille Downwind
    2nd Andrea Redman
    3rd Maryann Patrick
    4th Kelly Downwind

    Womens Jingle
    1st Winona Kingbird
    2nd B.J McDaniels
    3rd Gladyn Two Eagle
    4th Evette Ewalk My hero!

    Women's Fancy
    1st Amber Clevelan
    2nd Josette ?
    3rd Lisa Ewalk
    4th Verna Street

    Mens Grass
    1st Troy Shepard
    2nd Jiles Copenais
    3rd Richard Street
    4th Stanford Tom

    Men tradtional
    1st Terry Fiddler
    2nd Gabe Cleveland
    3rd Lonny Street
    4th Dana Warrington

    Men's Fancy
    1st Spike Draper He is hot!
    2nd Gerry Cleveland
    3rd Wilson Totis?
    4th Ryan Baker

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    What about the drums? Was there a singing contest also?


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        This was an AWESOME POWWOW... i took second in my catagory... i love my new outfit... lol...*tanx for the material*
        kinda scary the first day... when it stormed.. the weather was PERFECT... not to hot not to cold... just PURFECT well sat anyway.. sunday was FREEEEZZZIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGG... i wore my jeans and sweater when i danced in my catagory... it was so chilly.. and i gots a tan.. just that sat... man thats crazy.. lol
        Bebzy Gurly
        -:¦:- (¨`·._.·~ßàߥ -:¦:- Fãn¢¥~·._.·´¨)-:¦:-


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            So who placed in the drum contest?

            The link doesn't work :(


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                i wasnt their but hey

                Congratzzz ta Taria!! :)

                Winona!!! Evan kingbird

                Jayan ~! Sadie

                and everyone else i dont have time to write em all down



                ..Estayapi..Mandaree..BLACKSTONE ..HIGHNOON..


                LynxClan..N0rtheRnCree..Tatae`Topaw..MeskwakiNatio n..

                Eva-Hey Nakota
                NorthernWInd ojibwe plainz
                RIP lil brother


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                  Women's Jingle

                  Who else was in Women's Jingle that didn't make it in? Just wondering... I went to Oneida and it wasn't the greatest turnout this year... but i won!


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                      Originally posted by Ruthless
                      So who placed in the drum contest?

                      The link doesn't work :(
                      There wasn't a drum contest


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                        oh ok. so i guess all drums got an honorarium


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                          Originally posted by Ruby 2sday
                          On Friday my ma was braiding my hair and it started pouring on us so I jumped in the van and she ran away LOL I thought a tornado was gonna touch down or something.

                          Congrats on 2nd! I saw you dance finals on Sunday in your awesome shawl oh yeah and I noticed the jeans too :p hehehe but it was freezing and I wore my short sleeve dress cuz I forgot my other ones at home. I got to meet your sis? (in-law maybe) Michelle she's very nice.

                          I was suprised that someone had the full list of winners up already but I'm glad cuz I left during the calling of teen boys winners. Thanks wicked j9

                          Yeah thanks... man... it was awesome... did ya check out the pics there... we took second in the parade... me Michelle and Erica and her ma... it was kewl... im still wearing my hat... i like almost forgot about the parade... ha ha woke up at like 930 jumped in the shower *stayed in black duck* and we left... just made it in time but my hair was still not brushed... lol and i just had to wear my hat ha ha... i think i know who you are now... your the one who used to dance fancy eh? now a jingler? Yeah Chelle is nice.. she hates that name.. she kewl my sister i call her *inlaw* anyways Peace.. IT WAS AN AWESOME WKND... ARE YOU HEADING UP HERE TO MB THIS WKND TOO? SWAN LAKE THIS WKND THAN SIOUX VALLEY... YEAH I CANT WAIT.. PEACE
                          -:¦:- (¨`·._.·~ßàߥ -:¦:- Fãn¢¥~·._.·´¨)-:¦:-


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                            The Red Lake Nation News site is :
                            there is pics and other stuff on there...they shall have the winners posted soon!


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                              Its spelt COPENACE and not Copenais. They are from ONtario and not Minnesota.


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