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Lame Deer, Mt winners

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  • Lame Deer, Mt winners

    couldnt remember all the winners, some one can fill in the blanks, congrats to all the winners:

    womens fancy
    1st, matilda williams (tied w/ aspen)
    2nd, aspen rendon
    3rd, kelly lebeau
    4th, marilyn blacksmith

    womens jingle
    1st, kendra redhouse
    2nd, mary not afraid
    3rd, winona king
    4th, gia redhouse

    womens traditional
    1st, chanda rendon
    2nd, ruby mcauthur
    3rd, gladys jefferson
    4th, ?? Hunt from california

    teen girls fancy
    1st, taylor spoonhunter
    2nd or 3rd, erica turning wolf (?)
    4th, desiree redhouse

    teen girls jingle
    1st, yanabah redhouse
    3rd, mary ellen bruer

    teen boys grass
    1st, wayne crue
    2nd, joseph baldwin
    4th, skyler littleshield

    mens grass
    1st, jason cook
    2nd or 3rd, jack growing thunder

    mens chicken dance special
    1st, rooster top sky
    2nd, lionel bell (?)
    3rd, kalen sun rhodes

    mens traditional,
    1st, hawk TH,
    2nd, terry brockie
    3rd ?
    4th, reuben little head

    singing contest BAD NATION, .............................>>>>
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    3rd Place for Mens Traditional was Gandi Shaw


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      Lame Duck was aiight...

      Men's Tradish was BADASS!!! I wanted that guy decked out in the buckskin w/da reservation hat to place, man him and his wife are dope! I thought Sheri shoulda gotten in there for Women's tradish...chaype! But Bad Nation was off the hook and so were Blackbull Jrs and Nighthawk Jrz. Good recording...LoL Congrats to everyone! :D
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        Congrats to the Hawk Mannn!!!!


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          Jr. Boys traditional:

          1st Justin Williams
          2nd Isiah Weasel Bear
          3rd Ben ???
          4th Dustin Williams
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          • Trinity_nobraid
            Ft. Belknap pow-wow winners
            by Trinity_nobraid
            Awesome pow-wow. Pretty big, good singing and lots of tribes representing. The most i saw of siouxs in MT. Anyway.

            Mens Grass
            1. Julius N.A
            2. Ron McNab
            3. Wesley WindyBoy
            4. ?
            6. George Growing Thunder

            Mens Tradish
            07-27-2004, 02:59 PM
          • SMoKaHoNTaZ
            7 Clans Winners!!!
            by SMoKaHoNTaZ
            WOMENS FANCY 18-34
            4TH - ROSE TRACK
            2ND - ABMER CLEVELAND
            1ST - TAWNY HALE

            WOMENS TRAD 18-34
            4TH - JUSCENA????
            3RD - NADINE FAIRBANKS
            2ND - ESTHER ST JOHN
            1ST - REBECCA SMITH

            WOMENS JINGLE...
            05-29-2006, 03:00 AM
          • gasco49
            Winners at Harbor Springs
            by gasco49
            First and foremost I'd like to thank everyone who came out and supported the 14th Annual Odawa Homecoming Pow Wow!! I hope that all who attended enjoyed themselves!

            And now for the winners:

            6-12 Fancy Shawl
            4th - SpringSage Medicine
            3rd - Sharon Kay Callaway...
            08-15-2005, 12:51 PM
          • chippewa49
            tribes winners??????
            by chippewa49
            can someone post the winners
            09-12-2005, 12:09 AM
          • suthernwaterbird
            Ann Arbor???
            by suthernwaterbird
            Any results yet?
            04-06-2008, 09:55 PM



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