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    So, does anyone know the dance results then??? Please post them if you know. Would appreciate it.


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      CONGRATS to Sissy Gopher taken teen girls jingle 2nd was Jovi Pancheo (sp) 3rd Mya Spoonhunter 4th was Raqueal whatever her name is LoL...then 5th was AJ Whitepluem<<< this is TEEN GIRLS JINGLE


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        Stan Whiteman Jr. took the teen boys fancy....cant remember who took 2nd...3rd was G. Onley 4th was Randy S. thas all i remember in this one :D


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          Drum Contest

          1. Midnite Express
          2. The Boyz
          3. Youngbird
          4. Meskwaki Nation
          5. Wild Rose
          6. Little Island Cree
          7. White Lodge
          8. War Pony


          1ST JOLYNN BEGAY
          4TH SALLY ANN JACK
          5TH TRACE` ABEYTA

          teen boyz fancy was scooter whiteman
          2nd jordan abeta
          3rd gary olney
          4th Randy Stewart

          Teen Boys Grass

          1st Shay Gopher
          2nd Dakota Madera
          3rd ??
          5th Wayne Crue

          Womens fancy:
          1st Amber Cleveland


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            Teen Boys Tradish

            1st- Colby White
            2nd-Notah Shebala

            thas all i know....good enough


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              Ardell Scalplock- Mens Tradish


              ok thas all i know for sure :D


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                just what i heard

                Men's fancy: daryl jack, rainbow azure, louie plant (i forget if louie got 2nd or rainbow got 2nd), george abeyta, wayne silas
                Mens Grass: 1st - randy paskemin, 2nd Rusty Gillette 3rd Wallen Temonehah (spelling?) 4th James Day 5th Tyson Shay
                Mens Traditional: 1st Place- Ardell Scalplock, 2nd- Nathan Largo, 3rd- Merle Eaglespeaker 4th Chad KillsCrow 5th Russell McCloud
                Womens Fancy: 1st Amber Cleveland
                Womens Jingle: 1st Krystal WhiteShield 2nd Jennifer YoungBear 3rd Thea McCloud 4th Dorothy CrowFeather 5th willow jack
                Womens Traditional: 1st Jody Gillette 2nd Summer Baldwin 3rd Liberty Cree 4th Katrina Walsey 5th Elva Fiddler
                Prairie Chicken: 1st Place- ??clinton crof???, 2nd- Guy Fox, 3rd- Randall Paskemin
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                  YAY!!!...congrats to all my homies, Summer Baldwin, Willow Jack, Darryl Jack ALL the ones who placed in mens tradish, Rainbow Azure, Thea McCloud, Guy Fox...and ESPECIALLY my sis THE one and only Mizz Liberty Cree!
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                    re:Wallen Temonehah (spelling?)

                    hey uw_n8iv,

                    3rd Place Winner is Walden Tewawina.

                    Everyone gets my friend's name wrong. lol

                    congrats walden
                    Excuse me while I talk in my Native Wookie dialect language.


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                      I heard Wildhorse was going to head on down there... they didn't show up?? (SK Wildhorse -- Boss G., Brad C. and their boys --- not the Cali crew "Wildhorse" *rolls eyes*)
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                        if julyamsh had separate singing contest like original, contemporary, and southern. they'd have the crews like they used to have a while ago.
                        Excuse me while I talk in my Native Wookie dialect language.


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                          Does anyone know if Candace McCabe was there or at another powwow??? And if she was elsewhere, WHere??? I can't seem to find my sister anywhere!!!!

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                            Yep Candi fell off the map when she gradatated huh? :p


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                              Originally posted by *Kwe_Zee*
                              she gradatated huh? :p

                              :34: HUH?????? :Eyebrows....are you taking up stutetettering now summ??? :p JK


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                                congrats to my sis Valerie Lent taken JR Jingle Tate Yazzie 4th (ur Double beat was dope) jess made me wanna LULU :O lol n Sham took 3rd! Congrats Guys! Keep up da dope dancing!
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