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Does anybody know the winners in Peguis, Manitoba??

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  • Does anybody know the winners in Peguis, Manitoba??

    I was just wondering if anybody has the latest info on this powwow...

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    I stole these results form NDN SPORTS..
    Junior Girls (Combined)
    4th Devinna Taylor
    3rd Denise Meeches
    2nd Sara IronEagle
    1st Alisa Woody

    Junior Boys (Combined)
    4th Josh Papaquash
    3rd Jason Taylor
    2nd Trean Whitehead (spelling??)
    1st Cree Taylor

    Teen Girls Fancy
    4th Alissa Ewalk
    3rd Angel White
    2nd Lauren Frank
    1st Kristen Woody

    TG Jingle
    4th Larissa Goodwill
    3rd Billy Traverse
    2nd Katelyn Ironstar
    1st Tasheena Bison

    TG Traditional
    4th Larissa Woody
    3rd Marissa Thomas
    2nd Cheyenne Anaquod
    1st Natalie McAdam

    Teen Boys Fancy
    4th Amos Yazzie Jr
    3rd Anthony Eashappie
    2nd Ted Bison
    1st Mylin Tootoosis

    TB Grass
    4th Steve Redman
    3rd Darwin Goodwill
    2nd DJ Johnson
    1st Morris Meeches

    TB Traditional
    4th Donovan Akachuk (??)
    3rd Terence Whitehead
    2nd Robert Spence
    1st Edward Daniels

    TB Chicken
    2nd Aaron James
    1st TJ Ewalk

    Adult Women Fancy
    4th Rose Track
    3rd Erica Stewart
    2nd Bobbilyn Fredericks
    1st Shawna Kaiswatum

    AW Jingle
    4th Gabby Assiniboine
    3rd Chelice Pitzo (??)
    2nd Chantelle Dustyhorn
    1st Rae Dawn Bison

    AW Traditional
    4th Nadine Deegan
    3rd Tara Sandy
    2nd Crystal Dustyhorn
    1st Cindy Worm

    Adult Men Fancy
    4th Boss Eashappie
    3rd Wayne Silas Jr.
    2nd Amos Yazzie
    1st Kenneth Pratt

    AM Grass
    4th Byron Goodwill
    3rd Dana Goulet Jr
    2nd Richard Street
    1st Troy Sheppard

    AM Traditional
    4th Rob Whitehead
    3rd Rising Sun Kaysewaysamat
    2nd Jeff Taylor
    1st Darcy Anaquod

    AM Chicken
    4th Trevor Ewalk
    3rd Colby Tootoosis
    2nd Giles Copenace
    1st Matthew Isaac

    Golden Age Women
    4th Elaine Medicine
    3rd Evelyn Tom
    2nd Donna Pratt
    1st Diane Mckay

    Golden Age Men
    4th Glen Nicol
    3rd Stan Bird
    2nd Larry Anaqod
    1st Frank McKay


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