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Wachinca Dakota Oayte powwow results (Poplar, MT)

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  • Wachinca Dakota Oayte powwow results (Poplar, MT)

    Here are the results from the Wachinca Dakota Oyate Wacipi in Poplar, MT. Held July 16-18, 2004.

    Men's Golden Age:
    1.) Royce Kingbird
    2.) Richard Ross
    3.) Harry Three Stars
    4.) Ronn Moccasin

    Women's Golden Age:
    1.) Tonia Ackerman
    2.) Vermae Taylor
    3.) Pauline Old Man
    4.) Carole Spotted Bird

    Women's Fancy:
    1.) Shawna P.? from Regina
    2.) Patricia Bugg
    3.) Kasey Nicholson
    4.) Gail Main

    Women's Jingle:
    1.) Duanna Red Elk
    2.) Fallon Mount
    3.) Thea McLeod
    4.) Faye Whitford

    Women's Traditional:
    1.) Misty Blue Mesteth
    2.) Crystal Dusty Horn
    3.) Paulette Standing Rock
    4.) Juanita Growing Thunder

    Mens Fancy
    1.) Walter Runs Above
    2.) Isaiah Dionne

    Men's Grass
    1.) Wesley Windy Boy
    2.) George Growing Thunder
    3.) Jay Bearstail
    4.) John Taken Alive

    Men's Traditional
    1.) Russell McLeod
    2.) Daryle Cable Jr.
    3.) Louis Ogle
    4.) Bear Roberts

    Winner of the Cody Eagleman grass special: Randy Gray
    Winner of the Chiefy Boxer memorial (traditional): Russell McLeod
    Winner of the Chiefy Boxer memorial (grass) Jason Cook
    Winner of the $1,000 Black Dog special: Terry Gray
    Women's traditional special" Pauline Old Man (St. Stephens Wyo.)

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    The winner in Ladies Fancy Shawl was:
    1. Shawna Kaiswatum-Regina, Sk.

    Was there a drum contest?


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