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2004 Otoe encampment winners

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  • Tlinkamoe
    The unknown first name for the golden age is Judy, just to let you know. Congrats to Judy. Yayyy, tied with my husband with wins this year. LOL. He still disputes that and still thinking about the other pow-wow he placed at.

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    Osagesooner, sounds like a great time. Glad things went well with everyone. I hope the weather was good and all were healthy.

    Hope you are doing OK, and talk to you soon.

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  • notsocheese
    Congrats to Keri! Also, thank you for posting the winners Osagesooner! Btw, who won in the womens jingle and fancy shawl categories?

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  • waleli
    Congrats to Tracey, Ed & Dillon !

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  • osagesooner
    started a topic 2004 Otoe encampment winners

    2004 Otoe encampment winners

    I didn't write anything down, so forgive any errors.

    teens trad/straight

    1. michael plumbly

    2. kyle enloe

    3. dillon moore

    Women's buckskin

    1. tracey moore

    2. keri jhane

    3. shane hughes-lonechief

    women's cloth

    1. alecia mclellen

    2. erin plumbly-bemo

    3. lori murray

    men's trad/grass

    1. shannon leroy

    2. pat moore

    2. damon roughface

    men's straight
    1. ed yellowfish

    2. aj leadingfox

    3. deswood koshiway

    men's fancy
    1. george alexander

    2. jeff mclellen

    3. tuffy chaino

    Women's Golden age

    1. alameda harris

    2. ??? bender

    3. karen haymond

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