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  • Kamloopa Powwow Winners

    Who won?

    they had some good drums: eya-hey-nakoda, nine forty, chiniki lake, wild spirit, meskachese (sp?)

    all i heard so far is that willow jack did awesome.....won in her category, all-around, and team dance
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    Most of the results......

    Singing Contest:
    1st: Nine Forty
    2nd: Eya-Hey Nakoda
    3rd: Chiniki Lake
    4th: Thundering Spirit
    5th: Stoney Park

    Teen Girls Traditional:
    1st: Marie Olney
    2nd: Whitney Buck
    3rd: Maggie Rain
    4th: Denelene(?) Breaker

    Teen Girls Fancy:
    1st: Leela Abrahamson
    2nd: Jolynn Begay
    3rd: Gail Mountainchief (?)
    4th: Carrie Smallboy

    Teen Girls Jingle:
    1st: Lydia Moosepayo
    2nd: Lottie Rain
    3rd: Tashina Beaver
    4th: Challis Baldwin

    Teen Girls All Around
    1st: Leela Abrahamson
    2nd: Jolynn Begay
    3rd: Carrie Smallboy
    4th: Andrea Mountainchief

    Golden Age Women:
    1st: Audrey Olney
    2nd: Tina Cree
    3rd: Roberta Kirk :clap:
    4th: Marcella Bird

    Womens Traditional:
    1st: Summer Baldwin
    2nd: Amber Buffalo
    3rd: Orlena Littlesky
    4th: Dorothy Myo(?)

    Womens Fancy:
    1st: Rose Green
    2nd: Carol Melting Tallow
    3rd: Trisha Albert
    4th: Stacey Good Buffalo

    Womens Jingle:
    1st: Willow Jack
    2nd: Marilyn Contois(?)
    3rd: Rowena Roberts
    4th: Melodie Hunt

    Golden Age Men:
    1st: Peter Anthony
    2nd: Stan Green
    3rd: Ray Blackwater
    4th: Marvin Littlechild

    Mens Buckskin:
    1st: Kelly Goodeagle
    2nd: Darwin Atchenim(?)
    3rd: Richard Thunderchief
    4th: Gilbert Francis

    Mens Traditional:
    1st: Nathan Largo
    2nd: Jared Buffalo
    3rd: Shawn Ray Gabriel
    4th: Daryl Tso

    Mens Fancy:
    1st: Wayne Silas
    2nd: Daryl Jack
    3rd: Shawn Smallboy
    4th" Joey Frencheater

    Mens Grass:
    1st: Randy Paskemin
    2nd: Daryl Bolten
    3rd: Vaughn Daniels :D
    4th: JR Waskewitch

    Mens Chicken:
    1st: Dillon Tootoosis
    2nd: Marvin Calfrobe
    3rd: Sam Saulteaux
    4th: Kevin Buffalo
    Hockey is soul food.


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      Cool beans!! congrats to Eya-Hey Nakoda!! :blow:


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        Way to go Darrell


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          Thanks for the list JC!! :rating10:

          I'm still trying to snap out of it from the long drive home. Was fun to go some place different but it's always good to come back home and sleep in your own bed. :Chatter


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            Thanks Jinglin chica

            YAY! for Stacey Goodbuffalo....she's one coooooooool chick

            Does anybody know if Summer Skye Paul won in Jr. Girls Fancy. I swear, I fell in love with this little girl at the powwow. She's an awesome dancer, danced all the intertribals like it was her contest, well behaved, ...and did you see her exhibition during teen girls fancy?????......WHEW!!!.....she tore it up!!...and only 7 years old!!!
            there's no "i" in Yakama

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              Kakeeya, ur one awesome dancer!! :worthy:

              I was being allergic to the heat and I couldn't be there during the day! :sweat: :Chatter I saw ya dance on Sunday though! :D woohoo! I was gon call out "KAKEEYA" :rofl2: but someone else was calling you! :p

              uw_N8iv... Summer Skye Paul got 3rd I think :Thinking
              Hockey is soul food.


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                Thanks JC, I had a lot of fun over there. :Chatter
                Yes it was really hot over there! Good thing you stayed out of the sun :). I kept looking at the Jinglers and was wondering which one is JC???? You should have come over cuz I was just hanging by myself over there, but I met a lot of really nice people and made new family :Chatter. I wasn't expecting the powwow to last that long though! I headed out after that and slept about an hour down the road lol... It was cool though, I called into work and took my time coming home.


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                  Kamloopa winners

                  wooo hoooo way to go rose and stan green. :canada:


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                    Kakeeya - Which one were you ? I was there as well, had a good time, but the heat was too dern much for me to dance during the day.

                    JC - saw you writing down the results, so I didn't bother. I could barely keep my eyes open, damn, that was late! *haha*

                    Had a good time though, since this is my home rez was nice to visit all of the family there. Hope everyone had a good time and congrats to my girl, Marilyn Contois for taking second in womens' jingle :)

                    Oh yeah, Summer Skye Paul did place, I just cant remember what place, but I think JC is right in she took third.

                    See y'all next yr.



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