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Wikwemikong 2004 - Winners

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  • Wikwemikong 2004 - Winners

    Okay people, here they are! I apologize now for any mis-spelled names.

    Womens Golden Age
    1st - Oralann Caldwell
    2nd - Sharon Roberts
    3rd - Joanne Whitehouse
    4th - Gloria Mandamin
    5th - Monica Benson
    6th - Donna Philips
    7th - Viola Recollet

    Men's Golden Age
    1st - Dennis Francis
    2nd - Don Kavanaugh
    3rd - Wilson Roberts
    4th - Johnny Whitecloud
    5th - Bernard Dowdy Sr.
    6th - Mike King
    7th - Clayton Logan

    Adult Womens Traditional
    1st - Danielle Downwind
    2nd - Cheryl Funmaker
    3rd - Melissa Montoya
    4th - Valleen Menomin

    Mens Traditional
    1st - Jordan Williams Whiteye
    2nd - Alden Pompana
    3rd - Maheengun Shawanda
    4th - Ian Akiwenzie

    Womens Jingle
    1st - Maria Belisle
    2nd - Leah O. (sp?)
    3rd - Challis Beetso
    4th - Fawn Wapioke

    Mens Grass
    1st - Matt Issac
    2nd - Niso Shawanda
    3rd - David Trudeau
    4th - Ronnie Preston

    Womens Fancy Shawl
    1st - Patricia Bigg
    2nd - Irene Oakes
    3rd - Heather Schuyler
    4th - Tracy Recollet

    Mens Fancy
    1st - Spike Draper
    2nd - Jerry Cleveland Jr.
    3rd - Nigel Schuyler
    4th - Cortney Y (sp?)

    Young Womens Traditional
    1st Sabrina Shawanda
    2nd Neset Asa
    3rd Angel Starr
    4th Jessica Plain

    Young Mens Traditional
    1st Herbie John
    2nd Sapatis Menomin
    3rd Taylor Mitchell
    4th James Plain Wrightman

    Young Womens Jingle
    1st Leslie Smoke
    2nd Amelia McGregor
    3rd Wasaga Beaudry
    4th Caitlin Fox

    Young Mens Grass
    1st Brian Thunder
    2nd Jesse Osawamick
    3rd Fraser Philips
    4th Leroy Eshkawkogan

    Young Womens Fancy
    1st A. Whitecloud (sp?)
    2nd Cassandra Plain
    3rd Danielle Homer
    4th Megan Huff

    Young Mens Fancy
    1st Rick Cleveland Jr
    2nd Graham Primeaux Jr.
    3rd Dustin Homer
    4th Tyrone Shawana

    Girls Traditional
    1st Tiomishquence Web.
    2nd Makayla Webkamigad
    3rd P. Roberts (sp?)
    4th Fawn Neshkiwe
    5th Ashten Assinewai

    Boys Traditional
    1st Dylan Lightening
    2nd Brandon H. (sp?)
    3rd Talon Whiteye
    4th Evan Kingbird
    5th Noodin Shawanda

    Girls Fancy
    1st Tata Roberts(sp?)
    2nd Leryn Oakes (sp?)
    3rd Tanisha Beetso
    4th Amaryan Littlewolf
    5th Jade Gustafson

    Boys Fancy
    1st Mason Kingbird
    2nd Terrance Cleveland
    3rd Angel Bullock
    4th D. Cleveland (sp?)
    5th Giishik Bressette

    Girls Jingle
    1st Cheyenne White
    2nd Mallory Oakes
    3rd Zaida Sands
    4th Waskwane Stonefish
    5th Sadie Kingbird

    Boys Grass
    1st Karaka Osawamick
    2nd Jordan Shawanda
    3rd Jesse Gustafson
    4th David Hingusa
    5th V. Stonefish (sp?)

    Drum Competition
    1st Bear Creek
    2nd Snake Island
    3rd Eagle Flight
    4th Red Stone Ojibway
    5th Cumberland

    Mens Fancy Feather Championship
    1st Spike Draper
    2nd Jerry Cleveland Jr
    3rd Michael Roberts
    4th Gabe Bullock
    5th Nigel Schuyler

  • #2
    Royce Kingbird actually got second in mens golden age. There was a mixup, but got quickly rectified.

    Good dancing Royce!


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      3rd - ? White
      2nd - ???
      1st - Sky Black Kettle
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