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    powwow was very dusty as always, not too hot, but cold at night. smaller powwow this year, but the prize $$$$$$$ was right on, had to wait, wait, wait, for tabulations, so i left early before all winners were announced, but here what i have.

    junior girls fancy
    1st, victoria phelps
    2nd, lacy tall mandan
    3rd, ronnie tall mandan
    4th, aubrie hale

    junior girls jingle
    1st, tess knight
    2nd, lynsey new holy
    3rd, shaylene zimiga
    4th, ?

    teen girls fancy
    1st, taylor spoonhunter
    2nd, vonna blacksmith
    3rd, kayla twiss
    4th, cassie larue (?)

    teen girls jingle
    1st, ashley phelps
    2nd, emily thunder hawk
    3rd, gabrielle knife
    4th, marissa/larissa (?) goodwill

    teen girls tradish
    1st, decora hawk
    2nd, arianna uses arrow
    3rd, Tyler (?) makes room for them
    4th, courtney chasing hawk

    junior boys tradish
    1st, isiah weasel bear
    2nd, devon cross dog
    3rd, tristen uses arrow
    4th, trevor farmer

    teen boys fancy
    1st, craig reeder
    2nd, nathan iron shell
    3rd, ?
    4th, kevin eagle heart

    teen boys grass
    1st, cante knight
    2nd, matthew dearly

    teen boys tradish
    1st, inyan eagle elk
    2nd, gary richards
    3rd, ?
    4th, tyler yellow boy

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    Does anyone know about the adult divisions winners?


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      i left early too so i dont know who won in mens grass and traditional

      womens fancy
      1st, tanksi clairmont
      2nd, helene gaddy
      3rd, tiffany weston
      4th, gracie tyon foote

      womens jingle
      1st, either denise 1 star or sharon eagleman, the other took 2nd.
      3rd, chepa 2 eagles
      4th, alice phelps

      mens fancy
      1st, warshield white
      2nd, cory reeder
      3rd, white coyote holy bull
      4th, nick demarce


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        Anyone know the Women's Traditional Winners???


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          Well here it is, the 2009 Winners list, with specials:

          Jr. Girls Traditional
          1st - Nichole Nordwall
          2nd - Tara Fiddler
          3rd - Jovena Scabby Robe
          4th - Paan Pai Roberts

          Jr. Girls Jingle
          1st - Sierra White
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          Alright, like a good'r, i sat my arse down and wrote winners. If there are any mis-spells, my bad, I had a bad ear all weekend hahaha.
          Jr Girls Fancy
          4th - ? Roberts
          3rd - ? White
          2nd - ???
          1st - Sky Black Kettle
          Jr Girls Jingle
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          2005 Meskwaki Proclamation Day Powwow

          Drum Contest
          !st pl Blacklodge Wa
          2nd pl Meskwaki Nation Tama
          3rd pl Battleriver Red Lake MN
          4th pl Cozad Hominy Ok
          5th pl Mandaree North Dakota

          Women's Golden Age

          1st pl Vera Kingbird...
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          Mission SD - Founders Day
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          Senior Mens
          1st- Gary Richards sr
          2nd- Chris Eagle Hawk sr
          3rd- Wayne Pushetonequa (sp)
          4th- Sarge Old Horn

          Senior Womens
          1st- Mabel Blue Thunder
          2nd- Sandra Black Bear
          3rd- Millie Black Bear
          4th- Linda Standing

          02-08-2007, 08:10 AM



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