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  • Help with a research papper

    Hey whats up powwow peeps. I know that natives usually help each other out and im asking for help from anyone that would like to help. im a freshman in college and we are having to write a paper in one of my classes. we have to do research on it and im having no luck. im doing my paper over powwows. everything has to come from the internet no books allowed. im a powwow person myself but i cant go off of what i have. so if you dance and would like to tell me a lil bout it or sing or just go to go. let me know anything youd like. your help is greatly appreciated. my email is [email protected] i will let you know how it comes out. i have until until labor day to get what i need. MVTO

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    lol, please don't say you're just starting now? How many words, what's the length? do you have an outline? what's your thesis? I think you can find lots of info about pow-wows here, but you probably have to use more than one resource eh?


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      Originally posted by middle of the sky
      lol, please don't say you're just starting now? How many words, what's the length? do you have an outline? what's your thesis? I think you can find lots of info about pow-wows here, but you probably have to use more than one resource eh?
      How many resource do you need. what do you need to know.
      pray for the people over sea and the family who are here


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        I would suggest you narrow the topic. Pow-wow is a very broad topic. This could be done, but would, no doubt----prove to be very difficult.
        "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"


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          Can you give us some outline info so that perhaps the amount of info could be narrowed down? We could give you all kids of info but not what you are wanting.


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            Hey Chiefy!

            I have never seen you on this website before. Welcome!

            I will be glad to help you. I am sending you an email with your requested information. I have tried to help other people in similar situations. is a great site to learn about powwows and current Indian issues.
            Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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              here's for everyone. the paper has no certain length and its not due by labor day. i would just like the info by then. i know powwow is a wide range. more like the way you see it, how many miles have you traveled this year, what do you like or dont like at powwows, stuff like that. it has not certain length. everything has to come from online, and i figured whats the best way to get that than to ask powwow peeps themselves. MVTO


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