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Singers and the non natives that dance to them....

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  • Singers and the non natives that dance to them....

    So how do you all feel about native drum groups supporting non-native powwows????
    How do you as a singer feel about supporting non-native pow wows???? Is it right? Is it a slap in the face to real natives?
    If the drum groups wouldn't support these dances, wouldn't these hobbyists have to give up their "sport"? Or is it just another way to practice or do you feel it is a good thing???

    What do you all think? Should our native singers be singing for non-native dancers???? :dontknow:

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    Entirely up to the singer.

    Some do it for the money, some do it so they can sing.

    I have been involved with 3 different non-NDN drums that sang at native powwows.

    In the Northeast there are many small legit (and also many ill-legit) tribes that cant afford the big NDN drums. There are only a few small drums in the area willing to sing for little or no money. NDN and NON-NDN.

    I have been to powwows where the only drum was non-NDN because the NDN drum didnt show.

    You have to take what you can get.
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      No way should they sing for the white groups. It just shows support for them and give validity to their efforts. What they going to do, go sing for them then complain about them stealing their ways? Bunch of crap.


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