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    Originally posted by Echo4Tango
    I enjoyed myself at this powwow, I got sick from the dust on Sunday night. Everyone was jammin' and having a good time. Can't wait for Sycuan, we'll see how that goes.

    Who saw the tiger dude? (I had to mention it) I saw this guy in Ripley's Believe it or Not. All I have to say is, "whoooaaah!" it was tripped out.
    HEYYYY!! Thats me!!! LMAO!! just kidding but, i seen that guy too and i was like.... WUTTTT?? He looks crazy... and i knew they said he lived in the mountains of So. Cal but, i've never seen him before... even his nails we're like really long and his cheeks... i dunno, just to far out for me....


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      I know! That's crazy.. we were trippin out over that huh Nona! *L* That was crazy tho! IN the mtns..?? really?? omg, that's just too out there.. thats interesting tho... hmm... *L*
      "Smile If U's A Hottie" :50:

      "Good Better Best Never Let It Rest Until The Good Is Better And The Better Is Best" :D


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        Barona had a successful pow-wow without any drama this year. They had over 300 registered dancers and a purse of $80K funded by the tribe and casino. Everyone enjoyed a somewhat sober '49 contest on Saturday evening with Rose Hill taking first. Kudos to the headstaff, drums and new committee. This was an excellent pow-wow and one without point headaches. You didn't see people just walking around the arena waiting for a spot check. People danced hard until the quitting song. That's my perspective.
        Work like you don't need money,
        Love like you've never been hurt,
        And dance like no one's watching.


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        • Smokin' Ace
          Saddletree Pow-wow this past weekend
          by Smokin' Ace
          Was able to go there today and support this community pow-wow. Southern Eagle was the only drum, but it seems Tony kept everyone entertained and occupied by having plenty of fill in music. It was a very laid back pow-wow, and one that I quite enjoyed.

          09-10-2006, 09:05 PM
        • 7pointbull
          by 7pointbull
          So, it's 4th of July and Ft. Duchesne is on. Barely. At least that's what I hear. I didn't even go 'cuz it's too dang HOT! But from the latest wire, i hear only 4 drums, barely any dancers, and the Host Drums weren't even there. But it's only warm up night. (thursday). I would bet there won't...
          07-04-2008, 01:44 PM
        • orangepridendns1
          Where to go in 2005??
          by orangepridendns1
          As 2004 comes to a close we've pulled out the 2005 calendar to start planning where to go with our family of four.. more if others want to tag along to great pow wows this year..give us some input, some far we are looking at some local and Oklahoma pow...
          12-30-2004, 07:03 PM
        • PawneeMan
          AIA Orlando Powwow Disappointment
          by PawneeMan
          I was real disappointed on Saturday night when I went to the AIA Orlando Powwow. I am Native American and I felt so out of place and uncomfortable at a powwow. I am sorry but 98% of the so called natives were nothing but white people dressed in native clothing trying to act native. One vendor had so...
          11-04-2007, 06:39 PM
        • PappyRoach
          Spruce Pines , NC. powwoww this weekend
          by PappyRoach
          For all you folks down around North carolina who can't make it up to Conn, I would like to invite you to Spruce Pines this weekend.With the price of gas, getting to some of the bigger powwows can be costly as all heck!!!
          $ 10,000 in prize money PLUS $1000 in day money. It's up in the mountains...
          08-22-2006, 09:26 PM



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