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Black River Falls Winners??

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  • Black River Falls Winners??

    Just wondering if anyone has the winners to this pow wow and if so.....who was there? Drums....etc.

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    I have the Singing Contest Covered!

    It wasn't a bad pow-wow. The singing was good and there were quite a few dancers. They did have Nothern and Southern Singing Contest. Here is the breakdown....

    1. Bear Heart
    2. Hay-lush-ka(spellling?? sorry guyz)
    3. Whitetail
    4. Clear Water
    5. Medicine River

    I thought it was nice that the Committee did give 4th and 5th place in the southern contest to a couple of visiting drums that were in the nothern catagory. Medicine River was a small group of young men, not sure where from, but they sang with a lot of heart. the committee let them sing their contest song's and everything to encourage them. man, they tore up a couple songs pretty good. LOL gotta give it up to those young guys. i know there are a lot of singer's out there that had humble beginings like that. even the MC's were teasing them. But it was all good. When they announced them for fifth there were jumping all over the place and one even did cart wheels. Anywayz....had me laffing.......

    1. Eagle Feather
    2. Smokey Town
    3. The Bucks
    4. Pipestone
    5. Mandaree

    The Singing Rules were pretty stict. Especially the one on having all the drums keep five singers at the drum at all times. I think this is where some of the groups lost points. Not sure though. Just my own thinking.

    Not sure of the contest. I remember some but not all of them. So I hope someone can post them up soon.
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    ohhhh ennniiit??


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      who won ??

      Who else won in the dance categories ??


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        All I remember is that Crystal Cleveland got first in womens fancy and Amber Cleveland got third. Mostly cause I was busy with my daughter at that time.
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        Fantasy and reality are the same"
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          it's been a few days, I'll list what i can remember

          women's tradish
          3rd Cheryl Funmaker

          women's applique
          1st ? Kingswan
          2nd Verna Greendeer

          women's southern
          Bianca WhiteCloud
          Ruth Garvin

          women's jingle
          Jackie Klein
          Tarissa Spoonhunter

          women's fancy
          Crystal Cleaveland

          men's tradish
          Charles Belisle (sp?)
          Adrian Klein

          teen Ho-Chunk applique
          1st Gennafer Garvin

          teen fancy shawl
          1st Shibabe Hodge
          2nd A(sp?) WhiteCloud

          teen tradish
          1st Kayla Ackerman

          that's all i can remember.... those that are not listed with any numbers before their name, it's cuz i don't remember which place they took.....


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            Hey just realized yeah granted its two weeks or so later, but my the fourth place drum in the Southern is called Clear Sky not clear water hahahaha. Should have realized that when my baby bro and oh yeah our cousins sing all belong on the drum lol. have no real wothy opinion on the contest thing though.
            "In the depths of a mind insane
            Fantasy and reality are the same"
            - SLAYER


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