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    Powwow was smaller compared to last year. Good Singing, kinda hot on the last day. Big mess up with the womens fancy, second time called there were a couple different winners who weren't called the first time?

    Womens fancy
    1. Ginda Hindsley
    2. Bobbi Lynn Fredricks
    3. Kelly Lebeaux
    4. Nikkita ? Baker
    5. Terri Hindsley

    Womens Jingle
    1. Sharon Eagleman
    2. Denise onestar
    3. Vannessa Ledusen?
    4. Lori O'berry
    5. Casey Hindsley

    Womens Tradish
    1. Jody Gilllette
    2. Alva fiddler
    3. Dawn Decora
    4. Tosha Goodwill
    5. M. Patrick

    Mens Fancy
    1. White Coyote
    2. Tnoch st.john
    3. kenny pratt
    4. Nick Demarc
    5. Rylan Baker

    mens Grass
    1. Lakota Clairmont
    2. Jules NOt Afraid
    3. Rusty Gillette
    4. Wayne Fox
    5. Russell Young Bird

    *For those of you who didn't win (Buck, Wanbli, Abbey crew, Jack, DuAnna,Jamie) Keep your heads up!!!! Congrats to Hawk Thunder Hawk!!!!
    ~Sometimes you just have to dance~

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    What drums were there and who won the drum contest???

    ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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      Drum winners

      Couldn't tell you all the drum groups, didn't pay attention.
      But can tell u the winners.
      There were 6 places but the committee only gave the MC 5 places to announce. Kind of annoying, took awhile to get the winner. Tabulators didn't have their
      #@$% together.

      1. Iron Boy-Mpls. Mn 626 pts.
      (dedicated their win to ? Dickinson)
      2. Battle River-Mn. 610 pts.
      3. Ft. Yates
      4. Young Kingbird
      5. Ft. Peck
      6. White Lodge
      ~Sometimes you just have to dance~


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        What happened to the Mens Traditional Category??????


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          Originally posted by Mosquito
          What happened to the Mens Traditional Category??????
          And Golden Age categories?? Men and Women :Chatter



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            women's jingle

            yay for KC Hindsley!!


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              bunk bull s##t powwow

              Not to seem like a sore loser, but the united tribes screwed me out off the contest. I shook hands with the winners and then went to check my points and found out that i had been indeed screwed. That lady who told me to wait jus grabbed her books and computer programs and split. I dont see anything comin out of this so fvcc you to the united tribes powwow committee. Thats prolly why you cant get no good dancers there cuz you are crooks. They announced women's fancy all the way up to 2nd place then stalled then called new winners. They did the same for straight dance. Bunk azz powwow. Jus invite up who you want to win so no powwow peeps get screwed thinkin its gona be fair. Fvckerz Anywayz.


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                hey Angelo

                bummer, we all lose once in awhile, we all get beat here and there, but i hate being cheated. hang in there.


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                  ~!*congratz to Youngkinbird and BattleRiver :)

                  was their not a mens tradish category?



                  ..Estayapi..Mandaree..BLACKSTONE ..HIGHNOON..


                  LynxClan..N0rtheRnCree..Tatae`Topaw..MeskwakiNatio n..

                  Eva-Hey Nakota
                  NorthernWInd ojibwe plainz
                  RIP lil brother


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                    yes you should of got in there some where Angelo there were alot of people wondering after the pow wow what was going you hanging around the announcers stand and not being called out as one of the winners if not 1st then you should of got 2nd but the pow wow is been so messed up for the last 4 years because of tabulators not being fair which is pretty obvious to everone now because of three way ties etc. it seems the main focus is politics which is rearing its ugly head in UTTC. this is VERY VERY sad , times have certainly changed DAVID GIPP and UTTC has not changed much for the better even when it comes to the pow wow this has become one of the most expensive political rallys (the cost of the gate $15.00) to watch or put people through when nothing has changed. (just your wallet size) and i wonder if those politicans paid to get in like everone else?? any one from UTTC care to give explainations???????????? please change the head staff to honest people and honest tabulators or are the books open for review any time?? the board of directors will be informed.and dont call it international any more becuases its not. dont get me wrong we need politics to save the school (which has become a yearly cause for campagain)
                    but they should do it on someone elses play ground. any comments are welcome because we all want to know???


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                      Tribes winners

                      Sorry to hear about that dude. Someone posted on about the fancy shawl results, with point breakdown.

                      And whats with the headstaff's relatives,FAMILY dancing contest. don't look good. Heard the singing contest had drama too, someone missing roll call and the judge having roll call twice? I wouldn't know wasn't paying attention to that part of it too. Sounds like some singers were Pissed too.
                      ~Sometimes you just have to dance~


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                        Congratulations to Kelly LeBeaux, looks like you had it girl!


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                          not fair?

                          well it is too bad to hear that the powwow was not organized all that well and may have not been fair.

                          I was able to go to the powwow but only for like an hour each day for grand entry.

                          But hey- I must agree with ANGELO that if they already know who they want to win then they should make that known so that the people that come from all across the country don't come and waste their time and money. You see this same controversy happened in the Miss Indian Nations Pageant (the pageant that took place during this celebration)- There were nine girls that participated and every single one of the girls that lost were more educated and knew more about their culture than the girl that won. The girl that won was from the area and was only 17. She doesn't even have a high school degree! This girl had a lot of support from her family and community and that is great to see but if you stand this girl (that is a senior in high school and brags about going to American Idol- but doesn't show that she knows anything about Native issues) Next to one of the other girls (that have one year left to graduate with a bachelor's degree- or has one year left to graduate with a master's degree- and knows all about Native issues eg. politics, education, culture...) then who would you rather have represent you. I congratulated the new Miss Indian Nations because it is not her fault- but I do hope the MIN committee know what they are doing because this girl is going to have to go all across the country to speak to well-educated Natives and non-natives and I know she is going to have a tough time. . .

                          But hey- at least I got to meet some amazing Native Women in this pageant - all the contestants were good woman that knew a lot about the importance of education, culture, sovereignty, and the 2004 Elections.


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                            Miss Indian Nations Pageant

                            Last edited by Roobz; 08-28-2007, 03:21 AM.


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                              Originally posted by Ruby 2sday
                              Hey man who is this cuz I was competing in there too? LOL PM me you probably recognize me by my avy. And I didn't want to bring up this whole thing concerning the pageant because it's over and done with but I think that the pageant committee should think about re-writing their mission statement as to who they want to represent them.

                              That way it will single out the ones they want rather than misleading candidates. Had they done that I would've saved myself around $500 of my own money! But all that matters to me is that I'm going to be done this year with school and go on to grad school and hopefully make something of myself and make my parents and grandparents proud!

                              All the ladies in the pageant were extraordinary and had so much talent and potential to be great leaders and though I didn't walk away with any awards I walked away happy, knowing that there are some awesome native women out there and that they were all positive and we all connected and shared a bond!

                              Nobody needs a "title" to make a difference and be a role model. Sure it helps get you more publicity and people will view you more of a "role" model than the next person who does not have a title or recognition an who will probably obtain a doctorate degree all the while still not forgetting who she is and her people. The "title" does help but I don't think it is necessary in pointing out role models/people who can make a positive difference.

                              In my opinion, Bobbi Rae Sage will no doubt represent well because she is so outgoing and a sweetheart. I wish her and her family all the best because they are going to have one busy year ahead of them. Getting to know them at the pageant I am confident they can all handle it! :)
                              Girl, you have a fine attitude and therefore................... You will succeed!
                              "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"


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