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58th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Powwow Winners

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  • 58th Annual Navajo Nation Fair Powwow Winners

    Drum Contest:
    1st - 849 points - Eagle Creek
    2nd - 847 points - Southern Outlaws
    3rd - 844 points - Thunder House
    4th - 821 points - Chippewa Cree

    Consolations: (All Non placing drums)
    Bow Guard
    Sacred Path
    Southern Medicine
    Calling Eagle
    Intertribal Veterans Assoc.

    Women's Fancy Shawl
    1st Urseloria Kanuho
    2nd Karen Noon
    3rd Michell Etsitty

    Women's Jingle Dress
    1st Candace McCabe
    2nd Ursula Kanuho
    3rd Shalane Nelson

    Womens Northern Traditional
    1st Tina Paddock
    2nd Heather Blackgoat
    3rd Lisa Scott

    Women's Southern Traditional
    1st Robert Smith
    2nd Sharon Brokeshoulder
    3rd Joy Thompson

    Men's Grass
    1st Wesley Windyboy
    2nd Matthew Isaac
    3rd Randy Brokeshoulder

    Men's Fancy
    1st Kevin Yazzie
    2nd Sky Medicine Bear
    3rd Jaron Tso

    Men's Northern Traditional
    1st J.R. White Hat
    2nd Kameron Kootenay
    3rd Beemus Goodsky

    Men's Southern Straight
    1st Matthew Sheka
    2nd Mico Lowe
    3rd Calvin Yazzie

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    Sun Elk set up Saturday
    And Cathedral Lakes set up Saturday Night. (And they sounded very good!)


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      Golden Age Winners

      !st - Margie Boyd
      2nd - Nancy Ahboah
      3rd - Barbara Hernasy

      1st - Emerson Nakai
      2nd - Leonard Sheka
      3rd - Jim Largo


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        Junior and Teen Winners

        Teen Girls Jingle
        1st - Kelly Etsitty
        2nd - Jolynn Thompson
        3rd - Rochelle Bedonie

        Teen Girls Fancy Shawl
        1st - Stephany Johnson
        2nd - Richell Donoghey
        3rd - Arielle Bitsuie

        Teen Girls Traditional
        1st - Utania Nelson
        2nd - Dave-Anna Bordy
        3rd - Jolene Thompson

        Teen Boys Grass
        1st - Jamaal Jones
        2nd - Eldon K. Owens
        3rd - Adrian LeClaire

        Teen Boys Fancy
        1st - Victor Evans

        Teen Boys Traditional
        1st - Bradley Buffalocalf
        2nd - Weston Tso
        3rd - Malcom Myrphy

        Junior Girls Jingle
        1st - Alanya Jackson
        2nd - Bria Gray
        3rd - Taylor Etsitty

        Junior Girls Fancy Shawl
        1st Selena Jackson
        2nd Arianne Sheka
        3rd Tiara Thompson

        Junior Girls Traditional
        1st - Tashena Chitwood
        2nd - Brittany Taylor
        3rd - Miyone Roanhorse

        Junior Boys Grass
        1st - Jordan Jones
        2nd - Shannor Gray
        3rd - Clinton Murphy

        Junior Boys Fancy
        1st - Ty Johnson
        2nd - Elijah Garcia
        3rd - Kenneth Shirley

        Junior Boys Traditional
        1st - Jared Brown
        2nd - Seguoho Henry
        3rd - Markys Billie


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          ????need more info

          What about the teens? How placed in those categories?


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            oopps you were still posting

            Good Job!!


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              Congrats to the following All Around winners.
              1st Shaleen Nelson
              2nd Candice McCabe
              3rd Ursoloria Kanuho

              Congrats to the following Jingle Dress Special winners.
              1st Ursala Kanuho
              2nd Candice McCabe
              3rd Carol McCabe
              4th Shaleen Nelson


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                i was glad to see jaye bagayes crew... even if they were way out of time and beat.... somehow i was glad to hear em again....
                thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

                *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                  Originally posted by injunboy
                  i was glad to see jaye bagayes crew... even if they were way out of time and beat.... somehow i was glad to hear em again....
                  :Chatter I guess that was a compliment......

                  Was he still talking about how he used to live up North?? I remember the talk from last year..... :Chatter


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                    jaye begaye is a wannabe northern indian lol. chippewa cree sounded way better than thunderhouse!!!what happened there???


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                      Originally posted by redmann
                      jaye begaye is a wannabe northern indian lol.
                      ....I concur. He means well I guess....he just tends to lay it on too thick.

                      What I hate is that KTNN, the Navajo Tribal radio station always calls on him to talk about things related to powwows, and hell.......I'm Navajo, but, dang....I heard some seriously WAY OFF stuff comin' outta his yapper more than once.

                      ...juss makes ya wanna get up and come up side his head with a metal folding chair. GAAAAAAH!

                      naw....I guess we can ignore him and forgive him for his overly zealous behavior.

                      He obviously loves what he does very much, and does what he can to show as much respect for it.....I won't hold that against him.

                      ..but, I still say he lays it on too thick sometimes.

                      I dunno. To me, no Northern drums really stuck out or sang anything that really caught my ear. I's just me and my damn ears I guess. LOL!
                      "This next song goes out to some girls in dot com. They don't know who they are, but, it doesn't really matter anyway."

                      "When the God's wish to punish us, they grant our prayers."

                      O. Wilde


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                        Had a great time!

                        I would like to commend the NNF Powwow committee for putting up a great powwow this weekend. It seems like everything just feel into place. The weather cooperated this year (usually we are fighting in the mud) and lotsa excellend singing and dancing took place. Thanks Kaye and Cletis for working so hard to put WR back on the map.... see ya at Sky City.
                        Happy Trails!....


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                          One thing I kinda took issue to was Russell Standingrocks claim that the Navajos in the Four Corners are the SAME as the DENE of Canada.

                          We're of the same linguistic family....Athabaskan, along with the Apaches...but, there are absolutely NO CULTURAL SIMILARITIES between the DENE and the DINE'.

                          If we went up there, they wouldn't understand us, and we sure as hell wouldn't understand them. Their culture is WAY different from our own. THen I had some lady in the audience trying to convince me of some hair brained story about how we're not supposed to meet those peoples from up there, how they're our relatives and stuff.

                          I was like..........uh huh....yeah, keep yappin' lady. Am I the only person that's aware of the delegation of Navajo medicine men and women, accompanied by the late Dr. Annie Dodge Wauneka, and various council members that went to Canada to see our supposed relatives. Comparisons we're done, cultural, linguistic etc.........they found no similarities whatsoever. Our cultures are distinct....they're a different people.....and I sure as hell don't claim them as any kind of DINE'.
                          "This next song goes out to some girls in dot com. They don't know who they are, but, it doesn't really matter anyway."

                          "When the God's wish to punish us, they grant our prayers."

                          O. Wilde


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                            I think Chippewa Cree missed a grand entry roll call...
                            ~* Im so sin-seriuos *~Impossible is NOT a fact, its an oppinion ... Rumble young girl RUMBLE!*~--


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                              gatherings also seems to always call on him????he's not northern!he tries to hard to be northern.

                              dont know if they missed roll call or not, but they sounded better than that other group!just my opinion.but the powwow flowed nicely.just had a cheap mc to.


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