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Kinder is it still happening?

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  • Kinder is it still happening?

    Is Kinder still happening. I haven't heard a lot about it lately.

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    i dunno, i got a flyer on it this weekend and it looked like it was gonna be a good one...


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      Hey it should still be happening. I can't wait! Fun fun. I'll be singing with Medicine Tail. Y a'll some say hi
      ~~I'm not settlin for anything less than everything~~


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        I called the Grand Coushatta Casino today to find out if they are still having it. YES they are and it starts on Friday and goes thru sat night. Check out the website:
        See ya all there!
        'A'a i ka hula kahika, waiho ka hilahila i ka hale.
        "One who wants to dance the ancient dance, must leave their bashfullness at home"


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          Coushatta Pow-wow is still a go. I forgot who the host staff were though. I wasn't too interested because I knew I had to stay and work, but maybe I should have passed on the information at the time I knew. Sorry folks...

          I may venture out there Saturday night though. Don't know yet.

          Anyone else going?? If so, TAKE SOME PICS AND POST 'EM, alright?? I wanna see what I missed.
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            My friend EJ is gone to Kinder. Watch for the good men's tradish dancer in some cool ribbon shirts, cuz I made them for him *L* ;)
            "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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              anyone got any info as to the winners?
              "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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                It does not require many words to speak the truth.
                Chief Joseph


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