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2004 San Manuel Powwow Oct. 8 - 10, 2004

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    still no winners?????
    It does not require many words to speak the truth.
    Chief Joseph


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      Little shell powwow 1 mil????


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        Okay, my daughter and neice went but like everyone else, they were more into the singing than the dancing.
        But they did say...
        Lynn Tsosie
        Sunny Rose
        Elizabeth Tate Nevaquaya
        Pearl Roy

        Buckskin, southern
        Jackie Tsontekoy

        Buckskin, Northern
        Andrea RedMan
        Salina Todome
        Justine MacArthur

        Northern Cloth
        Amber Old Horn

        Men's tradish original
        Ardell Scalplock

        Men's northern Fancy
        Jerry Clevelan

        Womens fancy
        Urseloria Kanuho
        Amber Cleveland
        Lisa Ewalk-Noon

        Amber also won Rose Track's $1000 special

        Teen boys fancy
        Jaron Tso
        Teen boys straight
        Weston Tso

        Dont' know anymore, when you are a teenager....well. They did know who all was at the Branding Iron Saturday night as my sister and brother in law took them over there and played chaperone. Evidently that was out of hand. Cali pow wows are going to earn the rep of "party pow wow" before too long.LOL Looks like the money ,the drums and the dancers are moving to the west coast next year. haha
        I am thankful for my grandparents, my parents, my brothers, my aunties and uncles, my children, my companion and all of those who influenced me to be strong and proud of being who I am and where I come from. Knowledge is power


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          any record pow wow

          looking for any vidoe tapes of this pow wow. I will pay for a copy


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            LOL.......the 9's at San Manuel have always been infamous. I used to do work with the committee and SCIN's circuit and the hardest thing was to get the host hotels to commit due to the ongoing 9's.........LOL. Think they lost 3-4 hotels in the last few years. SOOOOOOOOOOOO.......... damm wish I was able to make it. Got stuck in AZ *S*. But it was all good. Well next year since I always try to make it to this powwow. Way to go Sizzortail...........woooooo hoooo. Looks like i'll have to 9 in my backyard again......*S*.
            You have crossed my path, You will never be forgotten......

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              sltate - Dont' know anymore, when you are a teenager....well. They did know who all was at the Branding Iron Saturday night as my sister and brother in law took them over there and played chaperone. Evidently that was out of hand. Cali pow wows are going to earn the rep of "party pow wow" before too long.LOL Looks like the money ,the drums and the dancers are moving to the west coast next year. haha

              I have no idea what your sister was thinking but your daughter didn't have any business at the Branding Iron bar. Most of us that enjoy the Cali circuit don't party after the dance. It's usually the same ol' people that find a reason to party regardless of what state their in!!! LOL
              Work like you don't need money,
              Love like you've never been hurt,
              And dance like no one's watching.


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                ^^^ lol.. i wish i could party with my momma or aunties!!!! :Chatter


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                  OR come to Mt Pleasant and you can even party with someone's gramma! :p


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                    lmao!! :rofl2::rofl2: i know that will happen there!! :Chatter


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                      San Manuel Winners, Ladies First

                      Junior Girls No. Traditional
                      4th Ranni Spute
                      3rd Tomi Andrade
                      2nd Dayna Favel
                      1st Alyssa Phillips

                      Jr. Girls Southern
                      4th Emilly Etsitty
                      3rd Tierra Draper
                      2nd Larissa Begay
                      1st Sharyse Monroe

                      Jr. Girls Jingle
                      4th Sadie Redeagle
                      3rd Bria Gray
                      2nd Sasha Dillard
                      1st Alyssa Woody

                      Jr. Girls Fancy
                      4th Arianne Sheka
                      3rd Lindsey Etsitty
                      2nd Sky Blackkettle
                      1st Symone Paskemin

                      Teen Girls Northern
                      4th Rainy Smoker
                      3rd J'shen Tsosie
                      2nd Marissa Woody
                      1st Verlina BlackKettle

                      Teen Girls Southern
                      4th Amanda Harris
                      3rd Raetava-Lyne Yazzie
                      2nd Celeste McGurk
                      1st Janet Bullcoming

                      Teen Girls Jingle
                      4th Challis Baldwin
                      3rd Shayleen Primeaux
                      2nd Raelene Favel
                      1st JoVelle Pacheco

                      Teen Girls Fancy
                      4th Kristen Woody
                      3rd Alexarae Funmaker
                      2nd Desiray Redhouse
                      1st Crystalena Pacheco

                      Sr. Women Northern
                      6th Patricia Lopez
                      5th Angela Thunderhawk
                      4th Cheri Moon Howlett
                      3rd Eva Marie James
                      2nd Nancy Tailfeathers
                      1st Nita Track

                      Sr. Women Southern
                      6th Christy JD Nations
                      5th Phyllis Largo
                      4th Winnie Whitetail
                      3rd Sammye Dominguez
                      2nd Charlene Cozad
                      1st Linda Tsonetokoy

                      Sr. Women Fancy/Jingle
                      3rd Priscilla Schrock
                      2nd Dolores Goodeagle
                      1st Marny Stately

                      Golden Age Southern
                      5th Norma Hess
                      4th Toni All Runner Hawk
                      3rd Georgia Mae Adson
                      2nd Eunice Lane
                      1st Claudia Spicer

                      Golden Age Northern
                      4th Kay Davis
                      3rd Vera Kingbird
                      2nd Maggie Blackkettle
                      1st Sylvestine Shields

                      Adult Women Northern Buckskin
                      6th Justine Rain McArthur
                      5th Freddie Hunter
                      4th Salina No Ear Todome
                      3rd Jacinta Tsosie
                      2nd Andrea Redman
                      1st Summer Baldwin

                      Women Northern Cloth
                      6th Leya Hale
                      5th Laura Draper
                      4th Lisa Little Iron
                      3rd Amber Old Horn
                      2nd Tina Largo-Paddock
                      1st Misty Blue Mesteth

                      Southern Buckskin
                      6th Jessica Gone
                      5th Sandra Hale
                      4th Irene Mendivil
                      3rd Mychal Grant
                      2nd DaLynn Alley
                      1st Jacquie Tsonetokoy

                      Southern Cloth
                      6th Pearl Roy
                      5th Liz Tate Nevaquaya
                      4th Leah McGurk
                      3rd Sophia Tsosie
                      2nd Jenny Rush Buffalohead
                      1st Sunny Rose Yellowmule

                      6th Ursula Kanuho
                      5th Henrietta Scalplock
                      4th Willow Jack
                      3rd Acosia Leighton
                      2nd Tiffany Paskemin
                      1st BeaJay McDaniel

                      6th Jolynn Begay
                      5th Shamaray Yazzie
                      4th Denaye Jack
                      3rd Lisa Ewack-Noon
                      2nd Amber Rose Cleveland
                      1st Urseloria Kanuho
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                        Now the Men:

                        Jr. Boys fancy
                        4th Dillon Schrock
                        3rd Nathan Logan
                        2nd Nakeezaka Jack
                        1st Jarid Yazzie

                        Jr. Boys Grass
                        4th Tyrin Begay
                        3rd Shannon Skye Gray
                        2nd Marshall Baker
                        1st Aaron Woody

                        Jr. Boys Southern
                        2nd Joseph Rodriguez
                        1st Jesse Redbird

                        Jr. Boys Northern
                        4th Cody Summers
                        3rd Francisco YellowHawk
                        2nd Robbie Thompson
                        1st Jamon Paskemin

                        Teen Boys Fancy
                        4th Julian Phoenix
                        3rd Anthony Toya
                        2nd Butch BlueHawk
                        1st Jaron Tso

                        Teen Boys Grass
                        4th Larin Nodman
                        3rd Kelsey Haywahe
                        2nd Tohee Funmaker
                        1st Roderick Slim

                        Teen Boys Southern
                        4th Michael Grant
                        3rd Silas Perkins
                        2nd Weston Tso
                        1st Isaac Harragarra

                        Teen Boys Northern
                        4th Joseph Blackkettle
                        3rd Willy Tewawina
                        2nd Bradley Buffalocalf
                        1st Albert Hindsley

                        Golden Age Men Southern
                        1st Billy Wahnee

                        Golden Age Men Northern
                        2nd Saginaw Grant
                        1st Henry Allen

                        Sr. Men Fancy/Grass
                        6th Allenroy Pay kwin
                        5th Tommy Draper
                        4th Boye Ladd
                        3rd Royce King
                        2nd Ivan Lonechild
                        1st Richard Rock

                        Sr. Men Southern
                        5th Jay Rodriguez
                        4th Frank Roubedeaux
                        3rd Thomas Phillips
                        2nd Barry Hamilton
                        1st Vernon Harragarra

                        Sr. Men Northern
                        6th Charles Salazar
                        5th Greg Red Elk
                        4th Larry Brewer
                        3rd JT Gardner
                        2nd Mark Roanhorse
                        1st Norman Largo

                        Adult Men Southern Fancy
                        6th Victor Bob
                        5th Kevin Yazzie
                        4th Quanah Henry
                        3rd Daryl Jack
                        2nd Lydall Yazzie
                        1st Shawn Yazzie

                        Adult Men Northern Fancy
                        6th Chandler Hall
                        5th Perry Thompson
                        4th Tyson Draper
                        3rd Jerry Cleveland Jr
                        2nd Jazz Bears Tail
                        1st Wayne Silas Jr

                        Adult Men Grass
                        6th Adam Nordwall
                        5th Quanah LaRose
                        4th James Day
                        3rd A J Redman
                        2nd Wesley Windyboy
                        1st Randall Paskemin

                        Adult Men Southern Straight
                        6th Gerwin Coochise
                        5th Chadrick Toehay
                        4th Matthew Sheka
                        3rd RedSky Wahpepah
                        2nd Ermin Morris
                        1st Dennis Alley Jr

                        Adult Men Northern Traditional Contemporary
                        6th Bo Young Bear
                        5th Bud Grant
                        4th Alvin Yellow Owl
                        3rd Paris Leighton Sr
                        2nd Ardell Scalplock
                        1st Nathan Largo

                        Adult Men Chicken Dance
                        6th Gary Whitford
                        5th Dan Nanamkin
                        4th Manuel Mount
                        3rd Marty Thurman
                        2nd Dustin Whitford
                        1st Taite Honadick

                        Adult Men Northern Traditional Original
                        6th Joe Poor Thunder
                        5th Cameron Kootnay
                        4th Sequoyah Monroe
                        3rd Cetan Thunder Hawk
                        2nd Lonny Street
                        1st MJ Bull Bear


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                          Congrats to my little cousins Tommi T & Rainy Dawn!

                          Sounds like the same ol same ol at the Brandin Iron...Hope you guys didn't close down another hotel, aiye!


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                            Congrats to Tate Y., Sham Y., Lydall Y., Erwin M., Cameron K. and Marshall Baker!! :clap:
                            Hockey is soul food.


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                              In the Jr. girls So. Traditional Cloth/Buckskin, the 2nd place winner was Larissa BOHAY, not Begay!


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                                Thanks for posting the winners!! Mad rep for doing that... phew..'bout time!! Thanks for stepping up to the plate!!! :)
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                                  I'll start out by saying the usual things were good about this powwow: the drums and the dancers. It's them that ultimately make or break a powwow, for the most part. There were some really great specials and the dancers really put up a good competition. The weather was mild, and it was not unbearably...
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