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Trump 29 Powwow 2004

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    Change of plans... gotta head back up to the rez to take care of some things there with my bf's family. I'll have you all in my thoughts and prayers... safe travels and please let us know how it goes!!!
    Haudenosaunee Hotties & Hunnies


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      DAMMIT! Shoulda just stayed fer that one...:Tongue
      "I'm so fresh and you so not..." ~ Dvera


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        Originally posted by fancy_frederick
        sounds fun...i wanna go!
        Me too!! When's the 1st grand entry??
        "I'd rather be @ a POW-WOW!"


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          I heard 6


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            Sing and Dance hard... and BRING A COAT!!!! It gets chilly there when the sun goes down...
            Haudenosaunee Hotties & Hunnies


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              ~Trump 29 Powwow 2004~

              Ya'll have fun! I'm missin out on this one too... :(
              **"Father eagle will always guide and protect."**


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                This should be a good time!!

                Host Northern Drum - Mystic River/ Host Southern Drum - Rose Hill/ Head Gourd Dance Singer - Neil Monoessy/ 2004 Princess - Janine Velasquez/ Arena Director - Spud Brown/ All drums & dancers invited, FREE Camping, no admission charge, 49/Hand Drum Contest...
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                Elko Band Pow-wow Oct. 13-15, 2006
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                Elko Band Pow-Wow Oct. 13-15, 2006
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                AD: Warren Anquoe, California

                Cash Prizes: Mens, Womans, Teens and Junior Categories
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