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Elder Zeetche Of Chilcoltion Nation living in Quebec

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  • Elder Zeetche Of Chilcoltion Nation living in Quebec

    A Non-Profit Corporation

    Elder Zeetche Of The Chilcoltion Nation
    Elder of the Spiritual Medicine Lodge

    The Together Project . . . .


    Will you be among the first ones?

    One of the most powerful Internet opportunities
    is now available to help international songwriters
    and composers in all countries, along with valuable
    causes at local, regional, district (sectorial),
    provincial (state), national and international
    levels, in an untapped market!

    I bet you're saying: "Well, that's great! No one
    else is helping our up and coming artists who may
    be struggling to make it, but what does it have
    to do with me?"


    Do you have an online business?
    Do you have an offline business?
    Do you know of a worthy cause?
    Do you like to listen to many different varieties of
    music from all over the world?

    Do you just want to do something that will make you
    feel good while receiving your share of it?

    If you answered "YES" to any of the above, you owe
    it to yourself to continue reading.

    The concept is quite simple:

    We are utilizing a donation-based affiliate system
    for downloading free songs, and respecting
    copyrights, from worldwide independent composers
    and songwriters, and a 3 X 15 network.

    WebMusic-MusiqueWeb (WM-MW) is offering its
    affiliates one of the most powerful internet
    opportunities available today.

    Again, this is an untapped market.

    How would you feel to have discovered Elvis,
    Celine or the Beatles? You would be a very
    wealthy person, wouldn't you?

    By helping independent composers and songwriters
    to be known worldwide, you could finance the cause
    of your organization, business, worthy cause and
    get your fair share of it, on a regular basis.

    Enroll now as an affiliate (FREE) and get your own
    mirror site hosted for free, encoded to your name,
    with either your photo or logo, plus your voice message,
    on the site, to promote WM-MW.

    Signing up as an affiliate will give you complete access
    to our entire discography section with over 2000 titles,
    500 independent artists and 35 different genres to
    choose from in 30 countries from 5 continents!
    (and growing)

    You will also have access to our secure donation system
    which allows you to accept donations at your site using
    PayPal, money orders and international bank checks!


    *** The ability to get a 33% share of each net donation
    made at your site....PAID DAILY!.

    *** Be placed in our network where you can benefit
    from spillover and get your own control and
    communication center! (CCC)

    *** As soon as you enroll as an affiliate, you will be
    placed in a 3 x 15 network where your organization
    could grow to 20 MILLION, worldwide, with work
    and time.

    *** You will be taught the techniques on how to grow
    your organization, according to the teachings from a
    master in the field, the late John Kalench, who is the
    author of numerous books.

    The total payout of the WM-MW system can be as
    high as 91.5%!!

    To learn more, we urge you to take action now and take
    advantage of an untapped market full of growth and

    We are the first ones to touch the music sector in this way.

    Please, don't let this opportunity pass you by.

    Help us to help others and get your honest share in the
    process. For more information and to enroll for
    FREE today go to:

    "We can and will make a difference!"


    Elder Zeetche P.A. Allan-Newman
    Vice President of Webmusic-Musiqueweb.Org
    39 Rue Dalhousie
    Quebec City ,Quebec
    Canada G1K-8R8
    1-418-646-9117-ext 8
    1-418-650-8494 Pagers make sure you put your area code and number after the massage & beep .
    Fax 1-418-644-7670
    [email protected]
    I love you all with my heart a ho and all our relations

Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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