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  • MSU Pow-Wow of Love

    The North American Indigenous Student Organization at Michigan State University is proud to announce the
    22nd Annual MSU Pow of Love
    February 11-13, 2005
    East Lansing,MI

    Dale Old Horn
    Head Veteran
    George Martin
    Head Dancers
    Nigel Schuyler
    Jackie Klein
    Arena Director
    Wayne Cleland
    Head Dance Judges
    RJ Smith
    Netawn Smith
    Head Drum Judge
    Host Drum
    Bear Creek
    Invited Drums
    High Noon
    Wildhorse Singers
    Meskwaki Nation
    Stoney Creek
    Rocky Park Singers
    Little Otter Singers
    Smooth Town Singers
    Eagle Flight Singers
    Young Kingbird
    Invited Drums Only
    Contest Pow-Wow

    Dance Contest Specials:
    Iron Man/Iron Woman
    Team Dance

    Trader/Vendor Contact: [email protected]
    Pow-Wow e-mail: [email protected]
    Pow-Wow Co-Chair: [email protected]
    Check out the website for more information and for updated info!
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    Hey, sounds llike a good one, do you all have a host hotel yet or is there one? Also where is it going to be this year? I thought it was cool at the Breslin..


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      location & hotels

      hey cute_jinglin_sweetie, we are currently working on the host hotel.

      The pow-wow is going to be on the MSU campus in Jenison Field House. :)


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        Dang thought yall would never post nah just kidding.... good lineup... might have to make it after all...
        "Remember where you've been and know where your going or else your lost."


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          yea sounds like a jammer. jus needs sum suthern


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            Here are the host hotels for the MSU Pow-Wow of Love. They are not far from our campus or from the pow-wow site.
            Book early because there is a lot happening that weekend around Lansing and hotels are booking fast.

            Quality Inn
            3121 E. Grand River Ave.
            (517) 351-1440
            * Mention MSU Pow-Wow

            Red Roof Inn
            3615 Dunckel Rd.
            (517) 332-2575



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              yeah i'm goin to this one!!
              "would u like to lick the frybread greaze off of my lippz??"

              check out -


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                This pow wow is going to be great! I am so excited about it! and Ya'll know how MSU students can party so you know the 49 is gonna be bumpin!!

                I would definately make plans to be at this pow wow this year. MSU rarely disappoints!!
                Luck is prepa : ration being at the right place at the right time.wizzard2:


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                  I Wanna Go! I Wanna Go! I Wanna Go!
                  *BE EASY*


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                    Are you coming???

                    UH OH!!! It's only 69 'til the 49!!!! Who's all coming to the Pow-Wow of LOVE???? :dating: :Heart :2:

                    :1Party: :16:


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                      Is this at the same field house it was at last year?
                      *Tha One N' Only LeSLeY*


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                        Good list of Head staff.

                        Good list of drums. Couldn't help but notice the lack of quality local drums from the Great Lakes area. There are many
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                          SHYT YEAHS!!!!!!! I'm definately going here.......guess that means I'm gonna have to start selling some native tacos and stuff for the next 2 months!!! LOL!!!

                          ...And shephards we shall be. For thee my lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from thy hand. That our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. E Nomini Patri, E Fili, E Spiritu Sancti.


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                            Cool 50cal... I'll be seein ya there then. :)


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                              Originally posted by 50calNDN
                              SHYT YEAHS!!!!!!! I'm definately going here.......guess that means I'm gonna have to start selling some native tacos and stuff for the next 2 months!!! LOL!!!
                              OMG! You all got invited!!! :D thats awesome!! :blow:


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